Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dinner @ Fire and Ice, Subiaco

Yesterday I went to Fire & Ice in Subiaco to have dinner with Fanny and frens to celebrate Fanny's birthday.

Fire & Ice looks quite comfortable, cosy and the interior is very appealing. They have live band on Fridays and some other things on other days. Not too sure what it is. :P

Anyway because it's her birthday, I ordered something nice specially for her!
French Blazer
Matusalem Rum, French Absinthe, Charred Pineapple, Orange Zest, Cinnamon Syrup, Mint, Vanilla Syrup

It looks not really fun to me. I'm expecting something BIG, like BIG flame!
But it only turn out like this. Blue colour gas.

The drink taste so strong as well. Fanny hates it. hahaha.. too bad Fanny, it's your birthday.

As for dinner, we had some bread and dips as our entree. It was quite good. Love the dips.
They took quite a long time to prepare the food actually. We were all very hungry waiting for our food to come.

This is Kristy and Awaw's Tasting plate. Looks good but if you see closer...things that they serve is pretty low class. What's in the tasting plate. chilli salt squid, spicy italian sausage, marinated Kalamata & fetta, duck & shitake spring rolls, melazani, marinated button mushrooms, smoked salmon toasts. Sounds good ey. But look carefully, I only can see Calamaris, fetta, olives, 1 spring roll, 1 ugly piece of sausage and a few pieces of spam. SPAM. You are right, they serve Luncheon Meat! Unless they make the luncheon meat themselves.. but this is a really dissapointing no effort dish at all.

Fanny ordered the KISS steak. Nothing special about it. Chips & steak. Steak is rough. Gosh.

I ordered creamy mash for my side. it was OILY. wtf mash is this??

My main is a real dissapoinment too. I ordered the Chilli Crusted Lamb Cutlets, Lentil, Fetta, Kalamata Salad,Pomegranate Jus. What Jus? I don't see no Jus. Lentil was abit cold. Lamb was too Lamb-y. I think good about mine, Lamb was tender.

Anyway, enough of the complain :P
This is what I got for Fanny's present. A bottle of Umbrella :) Pretty cool hey.

Happy birthday to you girl, hope you have a wonderful year ahead!!

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