Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brooke's Birthday @ Broken hill, Vic Park

I went to Brooke & her 2 friends', Kelly and Dee, 30th birthday celebration in Broken Hill pub just now. Lot's of people, lots of happy faces and lotsa drinks around..

They have 5 tiers of mini cupcakes for everyone as well~
I love cupcakes~ so cute and easy, as in don't have to cut the cake and no plates! Fast and easy :P

Well, other than celebrating Brooke's birthday, she got another good news for us..
She's engaged!!! XD

Thats like double happiness! Brooke and her fiance DJ were together for more than *I forgot how many years 8?9?10?*
Anyway, it's a LOOOOONNNNGGG time. I always asked her when are they getting married, and she always said I don't know~~~~ well of course, because he hasn't pop up the question yet.
So one fine day (which is 2 days ago), they went shopping together and they passed by a jewelry shop. Brooke sort of hint hint to him saying "If you ever getting me something in future, this one *pointing at the ring* will be good" ^-^ and happily walk off~
Yesterday night, on her birthday, at home, he surprisingly took out the box and he finally popped up the question! They are ENGAGED. I'm so happy for them~~~ as excited as them~~ haha XD
How nice~~ engaged day + birthday~ Brooke must be drooling in her sleep yesterday night and tonight and many other nights! hehe

We signed our wishes on the teddy bear itself. Cool idea.
Sorry Christine, you look very nice in the photo, I have to put it up :P

Brooke and Erin
I took some photos but most of them were blurry. Probably I should say all of them, cuz I didn't use flash (Sorry, I hate flash) but I still manage to find some good ones to put up.

Like this one. Look at the drunken faces. HAHAHA

Judy, Brooke, Christine, Boyoung, Justin and me!

Have a good one Brooke!!! Don't be too drunk!!!

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