Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wii Sport Resort

This game is the best game ever! Yeap! better than the Wii sport and Wii fit.
It has Sword game, basketball, cycling, canoeing, parachute game and lots more!
I personally lurveeeee the sword game and basketball, especially when you compete with other player. I got this by trading in 2 lousy games and get this for FREE and it is definitely worth it.
Go get it if you haven't. Grab some friends to play with you because it will have lots of laughter and fun.

Down side? You have to get extra piece of the sensor thingy that attached to the remote control for extra sensitivity. I got one that come with the game, I bought the other one for 25 bucks. Not too bad cuz it's a good game.


jasonho said...

u have a wii set there also?

Jo Serwey said...

yea! frances's bf bought for her on last christmas~ So, I've been playing it haha.. go get wii resort!