Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thai Festival Northbridge

I went to Thai Festival in Northbridge today and it was fun!

Why fun? Because they were lots of food! Food is the best thing in the world. haha

I seldom have Thai food in Perth mainly because those good ones are always out of our way and probably because whenever I think of Thai food, I think of Tom Yum. Basically I have no idea what to order.

Bo Young and I were there at the stalls and we have no idea what they are making and what's those scribble are! At the time, I really wish to be able to speak Thai. We can't order what we want and just pointing here and there. We did have a lil confusion while ordering and end up got the wrong one and we had to return them cuz we already bought it. They were nice.

In the Thai Festival, they got different kind of things going on. Thai dance show, singing show, Moy Tai Boxing (sorry can't spell), photoshoot on wearing traditional Thai costume, a huge corner for Singha Beer and lots and lots of food~

Below are the food that I bought today. hehe

Pad Thai

Fried Banana & Yam

I didn't get this, but it looks interesting. Icey Pops.

I don't know what's this but quite nice.

Papaya Salad

Egg Custard thingy

Some Keuy teow meal

and some biscuits..

But I don't like this one, because it taste and smell like candle. Yuck.
Anyway, I had fun there and hope to go there again to try on other food next year hopefully hehe

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