Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Salmon Jerky

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Rock Dog - Must watch. 0_0


I brought lotsa snacks to work because I feel like snacking whole day today~
My work mates were all giving me weird looks because I'm eating weird stuff like preserved sweet plum, cold redbean mooncake and salmon jerky. They never tried all these before as they are Australian and it was all chinese snacks, except the salmon jerky that I bought from the Japanese shop.

Apparently it was made in Australia! It tasted a bit weird for the first bite but it tasted fine after that. Just like normal Jerky, peppery taste except it's salmon flavour. hehe...not a bad snack.. healthier than beef jerky? I don't know :P haha

It was fun to see the expression of my colleagues everytime I bring in something funny to try at work. ^_^


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha! I dread to think which one is me:-D


ching∞ said...

honestly.. it looks like treats for whisky :p:p