Thursday, September 24, 2009

Restaurant style Dinner

Joe's day off today and he cooked a whole feast of dinner at home! 0_0"

Salt and Chili Soft Shell Crab

Steamed Prawn

Stir fry Cabbage with carrots

Stew Belly pork - Joe's recipe.

Fail d.. no more diet for me. >_<
Food is more important right?


jasonho said...

u can tell joe this is the real deal. can forget about being an engineer. :)

Franz Werner said...

Yah. I wish i can forget about being an engineer too... just cook all day everyday... (NOT a househusband, I don't clean)

ching∞ said...

come to KL we open a nice little cozy cafe.. then slowly build our F&B empire?! hehehehehehe!!

Jo Serwey said...

dun wan! open restaurant very troublesome! :P

jasonho said...

u have forgotten our dear jeje is an experienced restaurateur ;-)

Jo Serwey said...

that is why she quit rite hahhaha