Saturday, September 5, 2009

Outskirt - Perth Fashion Festival

Today I had a nice and wonderful day in Northbridge~
Basically I was in northbridge since 9.30am - 5.30pm. It's because I had class at 9.30-2pm, then had Dim sum at Royal Seafood Restaurant with 3 of my classmates Kylie, Steven, Kien and my housemate Bo Young.

After lunch, Kylie, Bo Young and I went to one of the Perth's Fashion Festival event - Outskirt in Northbridge. It's a one day only event. There were different fashion designers, illustrators, graphic designers showcasing their work in random shops on William street.
It was cool.

One of them are Jack Be Nimble
They got gorgeous jewelleries display in the shop. Visit their site for more detail.

Then we came across this shop Sewanista Fashion Workshop. This shop is quite empty but plenty of cloth, buttons, threads and 4 sewing machines. The whole idea of it was making a dress in one hour. The lady in the store basically teaches you how to sew, design, you can learn the skills you need to make your own quality fashions.
It was interesting concept and I was tempted to try to sew a dress in 1 hour but I got no time at all as I got a lot more shops to visit!

I don't remember what shop this is but I guess it's called A Flakey and A Dreamer.
Top corner pic: I have no idea why they swear to the EPRA. They were the ones that organize this event. Click the picture for clearer image.
Bottom right: A lion that I drew on the wall :) Awesome!

Next we went to this weird shop call Cabinet of Curiousities. Mannequins.. they were not mannequins.. they were human.. pretending to be mannequins at the front of the shop. Freaky but cool.

This shop freaked us out abit because they uses hair.. real hair... to make accessories.. and anything that they can think of. I love the hand with the bone though Top right corner.

Then to this cute lil shop Generics Pop-up Shop & Design is Good for you is awesome. They got different kind of things from cute lil buttons to coasters, from books to lamp covers.

Pretty neat.

Then we head to the Cultural Centre. More stalls. They had Vintage clothings, food stalls,
Accesories, and lots more.
For a person like me.. of course I'm going for the food. I tried the Salvadolrian food. The Pupusa and banana taste kind of sweet. It was my first time eating Pupusa and it was quite good. It has corn, beans, cheese in the pancake thingy and coleslaw on top. I was hoping for more flavour though. hehe

The Popsicle Bus.
They sell nice clothing, accesories and some other quirky stuff on board.
You might catch this bus in the city tomorrow til Thursday. 10-3pm
Check out their website for more detail.

After 2 hours of walking to different shops and stalls, we were abit tired but we had to go to the last part of it. Which is William Topp, Last Chance Studio and Mix Tape Gallery.

William Topp has been there since last year May and it was a successful, quirky, fun and pretty shop that sells things like toys, designer cups, bags, cool accesories and more.

I love the shop so much and it made me took alot of photos of everything and every corner.
It's a very good shop for buying gifts for someone, a artistic ornament for your lovely house or just simply getting something nice for yourself. Go there and have a look if you are happen to be in Northbridge. :)

Last Chance Studio is awesomely awesome.
I love this photo so much I nearly wanna take it home. So CUTE!!!!
Their artwork is amazingly good. Please go there and have a look yourself. Remember to cover your mouth when you are looking at those paintings. You know what I mean... hehe

Below are some random shots that I took in Northbridge. Thought it look nice. :)

I really enjoyed my day out with my friends Kylie and Bo Young.

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