Monday, September 21, 2009

My homemade Tiramisu - In a cup!

My experimental tiramisu in a cup. Hopefully it's nice :P


Tried it after I leave it overnight in the fridge. I decorated it with some frozen berries. It's good to go with frozen berries for the refreshing taste.
I think the taste in the biscuit is not coffee-y enough, need to soak the biscuit abit longer for more flavour.

Suddenly I have this idea of making cakes in cups! Not cupcakes. But cake in a cup! Any flavour.
What do you think?? The second cake that I want to try will be Black Forrest & cream in a cup! or maybe Lemon & cream cake?

The reason why I want to make it in a cup is, easy to carry, nonit to cut, look cute and easy to give to people. Wonder if I can do it.. I will probably end up buying all sorts of ingredient and waste tons of money hahaha.. but I really wanna try it :P


jasonho said...

pls perfect it before come back so you can make for us.

Jo Serwey said...

hahaha you come here, i make for u! 1 dozen!

Jus said...

Hi Jo,
Accidentally bump into this blog when i was google-ing something.
Totally love your blog, you are so funny when describing things..
Is there a chance if you could perhaps post or email me your Tiramisu in a cup recipe? They look great and yummy and simple to make..

Jo Serwey said...

Yea sure Jus,
I shall email it to you then! Hope you will like it :)

ching∞ said...

wow.. can actually make friends via blogging?! COOL! Jus.. tell us after you tried the recipe! ;)