Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Japanese Snacks & Shopping

I realised I can be really bad when I have nothing to do + no where to go + spare time + in a place full of shops + Eftpos card.

These are what I bought in 30 minutes.

5 types of snacks that I never eaten before.
Salmon JERKY!!! Apple Vinegar Kit Kat!!
Weird!!! I will let you know what it's like after I taste it.

A Simple shiny Black dress for Asia Cocktail that organized by Leen's A.S.I.A. club
A yellow top (yellow = lucky)and A pair of black flats.

Oh and this!!! jjoo jjoo (in korean)

Hippo biscuit!!!! Kawaiiiiiiii~~~
I don't even wanna open it! XD

Overall, I didn't spend more than 80bucks.. so it's alrite heheeheh
Shopping makes me happy~~


jasonho said...

i didnt know u r into dog treats - salmon jerky certainly fits the bill. :)

first row from the top second one from left, is that ikan bilis snack?

Jo Serwey said...

eh! apa dog treats?! japanese snacks k! haha dun wan to let u try!
yea ikan bilis and lil prawns :P wanna try if there's any special ma~