Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Friend is DJ Layzr!

I have a good friend who lives in Malaysia who is a anime sucker, only likes kawaii girls, a full time 3D animator and he got a very interesting hobby - DJ-ing.

He has been doing it since 4 years ago and has won a couple of titles.
I'm always wondering why he wants to be a DJ. Never really ask him before too.

So I thought, why not have a chat with him (on MSN) without him knowing that I am actually interviewing him? Since he's in some of the magazines and competitions, I'm pretty sure he is quite good at what his doing :P

So, the interview goes like this. (pardon the Manglish)

Me: Hey! wanna ask you some questions. When did you start Djing?
DJ Layzr : uhh... somewhere around 4 years ago. You wanna hire DJ?

Me: nah.. just why you wanna be DJ?
DJ: out of hobby hehe love o music and also.. DJs get free booze and can take pictures with leng lui (beautiful ladies) kidding lar..

Me: WTF...-_-
DJ: Mainly as hobby, hobby+music=good combination

Me: Have you ever DJ in the club or just for competitions?
DJ: Competitions comes 1st, then small clubs and events. I'm not taking DJ as a career choice for now, maybe If one day I'm a DJ world champion, that will be a different story. :)

Me: How many competitions you have been to and what title did you won?
DJ: Been competing for 3 years. Titles that I got is the Pioneer Digital DJ Battle Malaysia Champion 2007, Malaysia DJ Battle Championship 208, DMC Malaysia 1st runner-up 2008 and some other small potato titles. XD

Me: What fascinates you to become a DJ?
DJ: Turntablism skill and super fast lighting hands only scratch DJs possess.

Me: How do you rank yourself from 1 to 10?
DJ: 11

Me: funny...-_- haha. Btw, you work full time, go out with friends, play computer games til midnight. So, where did you get the time to practice your skills and for competitions?
DJ: Some of my friends are DJs too! We have DJ jamming session, and for my band as well. If you have the passion, you will always find time to do wwhat you always enjoy doing.

Me: What is your 1st DJ set and which DJ set that you are using now? (how did you get them?)
DJ: 1 turntable set (Technics 1210(x2) and a Pioneer DJM707 scratch mixer which I borrow money from my mom to get them. :P Then later I got the CDJ set Pioneer CDJ800MK2(x2) and Pioneer DJM800 4 channel-mixer which I won from Pioneer digital DJ Battle and won 1 or 2 DJ headphones here and there.

Me: Nice! Have you return your mum the money yet?
DJ: Not yet hehe mum not in need of money :P

Me: -_- right.... so what did you gain from this?
DJ: Self content.

Me: Okok last one. What is your favourite food and where can you get it? The food that you want it soooo much even you are going to die!
DJ: !!!...... Mum's cooking! T_T die die also must eat! even in hospital bed!!!

Thats the casual interview that I had with him this morning and it was great fun. I did sensored alot of the casual swearing and cut out the crapz we are talking about to make the interview look more decent haha

Click the video below to listen to his fantastic work!

Or download the full version here. It's awesome.
Need a DJ for a Party anyone? :)


ching∞ said...

dia spins kat mana? tak hantar invites pun :p

Jo Serwey said...

cuz i oso duno ahhah