Friday, September 25, 2009

Dinner @ Walter's River Cafe, Bicton

Joe's family, Bo Young & I went to Walter's River Cafe for dinner today.
Joe booked a table for 5 and we were all there finally. The restaurant was romantically lit with candles and yellow lights. It made the whole restaurant very romantic and cosy. 10 point extra for the restaurant because it is located next to the river. Excellent view and can have a romantic and relaxing walk after that during warmer days. ^_^

Walter's River Cafe usually only open for breakfast and lunch, but the managements wants the Cafe to have the fine dining experience for the customers rather than burger and fish and chips cafe. But now, Walter's River Cafe opened for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays. Which is awesome. The atmosphere was totally different from the day time. Nice and peaceful.

I've only been there 1 time for breakfast and 2 times for lunch, the menu changes every season and yummier. I can tell the chef really did put a lot of effort on the food and quality is definitely awesome.

The picture above was the tasting plate. It's HUGE. Well, of course it was because Joe was there! We get the special treat! ^_^ The tasting plate was awesome. Everything was delicious! We got Fish fritters, squids, spring rolls, haloumi fritters, samosas, mussels, with 3 different kinds of dips, Garlic Bread and Sourdough as well. Gosh.. we were feeling a bit full after eating those.

Here comes the mains..
I got the Duck with noodles and veges

Joe's mom got the Fish

Bo Young's Chicken Confit - Recommended

Frances's Pasta with prawn and scallops

Joe's Steak with hand cut chips.

Have to say, everything was perfectly done. No complains about it. I enjoyed the food a lot.
I just wish I can have the creme brulee for dessert after the mains.. but everybody already had enough and too full. If I can have the creme brulee now, that will be awesome! I just feel something is missing now.. the task is not completed yet.

Food is really bad for me. The worse thing that god gave me was being a food lover and being fat easily at the same time. How unlucky. >_<

Dec 2011
Update : They have change the management, food might be different now.

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