Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dinner @ Red Cray, Belmont

To celebrate Alan & Cecile finally got their PR visa, we went to Red Cray for Yummy Seafood Feast!

Red Cray situated on Great Eastern Hwy in Belmont, just 5 minutes away from Joe's house. Lucky that we booked before we go there because it was full house. Joe and I was surprise to see how busy they were on a Thursday night. They never usually that crowded whenever we passed by bout 2 years ago :P

But, I went there recently for lunch and thought that the food was pretty good, so I thought maybe should go there again and try the dinner menu.
Anyway, we were greeted by friendly waitress and waiters. Showed us our seats and really good service. It was delightful. ^_^

Joe brought a bottle of 1992 classic shiraz to celebrate the occasion.

We had Tasting Plate
In-house smoked salmon, crumbed camembert cheese, crab coleslaw, spiced lamb cutlets and pesto turkish bread.

1/2 dozen of Kilpatrick

Crab & Broccoli Chowder
Hand picked Crab flesh and broccoli in a delicate creamy chowder.

and some Garlic bread to share.

They gave us the refreshing towel.. I never see this is Perth before really. I usually got this easily in any restaurant in Malaysia but not in Perth. It's really happy to see and use this here haha home-y!

For our mains, we had a HUGE plate of seafood.

It's so huge, we nearly burst our stomach into pieces!

Look at the phone. Imagine how big is this tasting plate.

They got Grilled fish, coconut battered whiting, scallop and prawn gremolata brochettes, crab salad, garlic prawns, salt and pepper calamari, chilli mussels, Kilpatrick and natural oysters, chips, a whole Crayfish and Moreton Bay bug.

Love the food but I think the Crayfish's meat is too tough.
They uses the cooked crayfish instead of the fresh ones.. but it's tasted yummy still :)

Dessert time ey~!

Cecile had the Vienna Choc coffee.

Joe had the Chocolate decadent Cake. It was sooo yummy! Warm inside and the creamy chocolate sauce just flowing down once you cut the cake in to half...

Just look at the choco sauce.. mmmmm.....

Alan had Sticky Date pudding. I thought it was abit too sweet for me.

I had the Choc Sundae. Couldn't finish the ice cream.. TOO FULL!!! XO

Overall, I liked the restaurant, liked the service, liked the food.
Will go there again for other dishes, I would love to try the Ocean and Earth & Spagetthi Marinara. yum!!!!

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Megumi said...

omg, all of those looked so so yummy.......... take me there when i see u in perth one day :p

Jo Serwey said...

im waiting for u!!! anytime!!