Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dinner @ Bistro Felix, Subiaco

Yeap! It's time for food again!
I went to Bistro Felix yesterday with a few of my friends, Joe, Alice and Khrys.
Celebration: Alice's birthday

We never been to Bistro Felix before but we heard some good reviews from other people, so we decided to give it a go. Friendly service & good atmosphere.
I would categorize Bistro Felix as fine dining but the waitress that served us that night didn't give me an impression of professional. Don't get me wrong, she is really friendly and nice but compared with other fine dining restaurant that I've been to, she gave me an impression that she is not a professionally trained.
I just look up on Bistro Felix website and they offer different kinds of services like a private room for 16 guest (birthday dinner & etc), they also have a full time sommelier to liase with you regarding your beverage choice and group menus.

Seated and we were all served with a roll and butter.

We had a bottle of 07 Trumps. According to Joe, for a 2007 wine, it tasted really good but the wine is still a bit young. I have no idea what he is talking about, but as long as I don't get the strong and sour taste, I'm happy. As you know I'm not a wine person.

They have this very interesting menu. It's call the Recession Concession Menu.
I guess this really catches customer's attention. Price is set and they had the Liquidity Hour 6-7pm, where you can buy 1 oyster and get another one free. Yum....but I was there at 8.30pm.
No free oyster for me haha.

Lets start with Entree
Joe had the Oxtail Ragout, caramalised root vegetables, tagliatteli, black pepper broth and rocket. I have tried a little bit of this, it tasted quite nice. Nicely presented.

Salad of cured duck, tangelo, pecan, roquefort emulsion, baby beets.
I had this for my entree. I personally think that this dish is really appetizing, with the tangelo and some crushed pecan nuts, it gives you the refreshing taste. I have never eaten a cured duck before, this cured duck tasted really nice. Bad side of it, too much of the rockets. (I hate rockets) and they served only a few pieces of duck meat. It doesn't give me a feeling that this dish is worth for that price.

Gravlax of ocean trout with fennel cream, blood orange and briache, quail egg & parsley puree
Khrys entree is beautifully done. I didn't really tasted it because it was such a petit dish.
I had the tiny slices of fish, fresh! Thats all I can comment about it.

House made pork and capsicum sausage, mustard celeriac puree, braised cabbage, jus
Alice's entree look so yummy. Very nicely made sausage. Presents beautifully and tasted good too!

Orange Sorbet was served on the house. Refreshing~

For mains, Khrys and I had the Harvey beef eye fillet, fondant potatoes, confit onions, cavalo nero with Cafe de paris. Yeap, I have no idea what it says but I can say this dish is nice.
Khrys and I finish the whole thing and we cleaned up the plate! Loved the Cafe de paris sauce. It's a buttery sauce with nice complex taste. Although I had the medium-well done beef (I ordered the medium-rare, but they somehow mixed it up mine with Khrys's) it was abit tough for me but the sauce it so tasty, I don't even care of the tough meat anymore.

Duck leg confit, buckweat polenta, radicchio, rhubard, mushroom jus.
Joe had this yummilicious duck. This one is my favourite. yeap, I had a small piece of it hehe
Crispy and slightly burnt skin and tender juicy meat inside. Wow! Awesome! Didn't try the polenta, but Joe said it had some complex taste to it. Meaning the chef did a good job. :)

Sword fish, warm salad of carrot, fennel, eshallots and mussels, saffron tomato veloute
Alice's meal was light and well balanced. Fish was nicely done, fresh and juicy.

Dessert time~~~

I had the Strawberry bavarois, melting moment, vincotto.
Again, no idea what it says. The custard-y strawberry bacarois is really good, I wish it could be colder. Look at the tiny little melting moment! >_<

Khrys and Alice had the Chocolate Chestnet fondant, marmalade sorbet, vanilla bean icecream
Interesting dessert. I love the way that the warm & melted chestnuty chocolate flowing out after you dig into the fondant. mmmm.....

Joe had the Vanilla bean icecream, pedro ximenez, brutti ma buoni
Cute lil icecream! Looks like tiny lil eggies! Very smooth. Didn't get to taste the bottom part but ice cream itself is good.

To finish up, we had the Gouda Cheese plate to share.
We were so full after that. It's a good restaurant. I can see the chef put lots of effort on balancing the food with flavours and ingredients that they chose. But I personally prefer something that has the full taste (thats why I can never be thin -_- ). I'm not a food critic but I do feel the taste of food is a lil bit too safe, if you know what I mean. But do try the food there, it's good! especially the duck confit~ yum~

Bistro Felix is open for lunch 12pm-3pm Monday to Saturday.
Dinner Monday to Thursday from 6pm till late
Friday and Saturday 6pm until 10.30pm

118 -120 Rokeby Rd
Subiaco Western Australia 6008
Phone (08) 9388 3077

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