Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cecile's Vintage Themed Birthday @ Oliver's, Northbridge

I went to Cecile's Vintage Themed Birthday Party yesterday night at the Oliver's, Northbridge.

It was my first time dining at Oliver's. Service was good and friendly, atmosphere is very good.
Cecile book a table for 25 people. It's a lot of people I know. Look at the table.

That is just the top half of the table. Anyway, Oliver's got the function room upstairs and it was classic and vintage-y decorated. It's good for photoshoot haha.

By the way, I had quite a big meal there yesterday.
I had the Salmon Caesar Salad (sharing)

Smoked Salmon and Prawn Pizza (sharing)

and my main was the Veal Scallopini with creamy marsala sauce.

My meal was great except for the veal was tiny winy rough, but that's alright. Love the fried crispy shredded sweet potatoes. ^_^

Heard from some of Cecile's friends saying that their food wasn't that good, because it was abit too salty. Maybe I should go there again to try on other food hehe

Anyway, happy birthday to Cecile and all the best to her :)

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