Friday, September 18, 2009

Burberry London Blue Label

Look at what I got!!!
A Burberry Dress! FINALLY!!!! XD

Don't be shock. This is not Burberry London but is a Burberry London Blue Label.
Burberry blue is only available in Japan and it's very popular.

I was lucky to get this nicely fitted classic checks design in a very reasonable price.
As a poor Burberry Lover, I am very happy with my purchase and for sure, NO REGRET!

Where did I get this from since I'm in Australia and impossible to get it anywhere else except Japan? The answer is.. Bo Young found it for me from the Korea website.
Korea got lotsa sites selling branded clothing. Too bad I can't read Korean, or else you will see me checking that korean site everyday looking for burberry stuff. kidding. hehe..

But anyway, thanks for her help, emailing them and asking them if they can post it to Australia, and they even gave us a discount! When it arrived, I was so surprise to see that they even put in a free cardigan for me! That is soooo nice of them! I love Korea!!! South of course. hehehe

I can't wait to wear it! I have to wait for nice occasion to wear this with my burberry trench coat hehe ^-^ So comfortable and cute!!! ~
My 1st Burberry Blue Dress :)


ching∞ said...

very adorable! ;)

Jo Serwey said...

i know! mm seh tuk wear!