Sunday, September 6, 2009


I got bullied again.
Do my face look like a person that is easy to bully or something? It makes me really angry.
It's good that I'm a forgetful person or else I think I will probably kill them all already. @_@
joking ok joking.

I guess you will wanna know what happened and how many times I got bullied.
I think I should keep a record of it. My new hobby. :)

1st case:
While I was studying in Curtin, Jess and I always hang out together in Northbridge as this is the only place that open til late. (We didn't go out that late.. about 10 ish) When we were heading back to the carpark, a bunch of aboriginal kids (taller than us about 6-8 of them) surrounded us and yelled at us asking for 2 bucks & calling us cunts. How rude. We were so scared, we don't know what to do. Lucky for us, the security guard from Brass Monkey came out from the car park (after saving another 2 girls from the aboriginal kids) and push them away. We were lucky to be saved by the security guard. Really lucky.

2nd case:
Me and a couple of my friends went to Northbridge for a karaoke session. After Karaoke, we were just walking along the busy street heading back to get our cars. One aboriginal woman, drunken, walking towards me ( I was holding a water bottle) and she kicked my water bottle and it flew alllll the way till ... till I don't know where it went. Angry. I was so angry. I looked at her friend and started yelling at her. "What's that for?!!?"
Her friend gave me a I-don't-know look, smile and walk off. I was lucky that I didn't get punched by her for yelling at them.

3rd case:
In Garden City with Joe. That time Wii just came out in the market and Garden City had Wii set up in the concourse area for public to try. Of course I wanna try the game rite. I waited for roughly 20 minutes for 1 kid to play(there were 4 wiis, but all taken up). So I decided to walk off and shop for a bit first. Came back and I was lucky, one person just put down the controller, so I went in and try. Joe and I played for probably 1 min and I thought I will play one more time since not many people waiting. Then suddenly a guy walk passed and said bloody asian and ask us to stop playing, then he walked off. Joe was really angry. I think he nearly want to throw the remote control at him. Isn't that racist?

4th case:
In the city. Jess and I walk passed the Art Gallery and a kid just ran up to us and started SCREAMING. He didn't harm us. But by screaming at us for 2 second is enough for us to have heart attack.

5th case:
Today at 6.30pm Belmont IGA. Bo Young and I did some groceries shopping at IGA. After that we were carrying the groceries off the cart and put in my car boot. A man came to us and told us that his car ran out of petrol, and he asked us to give him some money?" I was thinking, petrol?? How much do you expect me to give you? $10? or $50? I don't even have $10 on me! I got eftpos card! (He look a bit dodgy though)
We were both quiet and hoping he will walked off. But he didn't. He started scolding us. Saying "What the hell you guys doing in Australia and can't speak any english?! Jesus!!"
I didn't fight back. We continue putting stuff in the car.
While he is scolding, I really wanted to say "Why the hell are you asking money from 2 girls?!! You are a man! Don't you have hands, legs and brain!??! Go freaking work!"
He walked off after that I look for another target. Didn't success of course.
I really wonder, Australia is such a good country, you can get money from centrelink if you are poor and why do people still begging for money?? I probably shouldn't say beg, because they didn't beg at all. They threatened you and scold you with all kinds of foul words that they can think of.

Come to think about it, I live here for 5 years and got bullied 5 times. What a wonderful life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe

We get this all the time all over Perth (but particularly in Vic Park) people asking for money, shouting, threatening, etc. Wouldn't go near Northbridge at all now because of violence; only thugs there now. Best to stay away. Anyway just to let you know it happens to everyone - all races.
Also had similar treatment in Malaysia/Korea/Indonesia. C'est la vie!!
Love your blog!
Two Aussies

Jo Serwey said...

Thanks for your comment.
Nice to know doesn't just happen to me. Glad you enjoy my blog.
Btw, it's Jojo :)

jasonho said...

dont let those idiots get into you.

what goes around comes around. they will get the same treatment one day.

do the right thing and stay safe. :)

Franky said...

Next time just scream. Works wonders. Keep screaming until they leave.

Food Monster said...

lol...i will never get forget that incident near brass monkey! never! i nearly pee on my pants :P

Jo Serwey said...

hahaha our memories~

ching∞ said...

go buy personal alarm and pepper spray.