Saturday, September 26, 2009

Azure & Two Bucks Til Wednesday

Today is the Two Bucks Til Wednesday Day.
What am I talking about? TBTW is a Fundraiser event that collect and sell all the best vintage treats they can get, and after selling them, all the money will go to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. Nice right?

I was so excited to go there and see how they run the event and actually, my main reason to be there was to see how many people actually line up just for the TBTW event that held quarterly.
It was so successful, the queue was longer than I expected when I got there at 1.30pm. The door opened at 2pm. Can you imagine how long those people have been seating there in the park for? It's amazing.

I didn't queue up. I thought maybe I can come back later after having a cup of tea at the cafe nearby.

I've been always wanted to go to Azure at Mt Hawthorn because of the yummy looking cakes and finally I went there for lunch today. (I know, I should be drinking tea and not having lunch. :P but wat the heck right, must try the food there to see if it's any good hehe)
Azure's interior is awesome. Cakes are awesome too. Anyway this is what me and Bo Young had.

Bo Young ordered the Lime Peel Swordfish.
Lightly pan fried with a crushed wild olive, tomato and caper gremolata. Salad of rocket, black olive powder and caramelised fennel.
The fish was nicely done. Flavour is awesome. 1 thing though, left side of the fish taste a bit off. Not really bad, but just feel weird how can a fish taste differently from side to side haha.

I ordered the Green Mango & Tiger Prawn Salad
Southern Vietnamese salad with steamed tiger prawns, shredded green mangos, papaya and torn Asian herbs with roasted peanuts and nuoc cham dressing.
As for the Prawn salad, it's a bit dissapointing, they didn't put enough mango so I can hardly taste it, and the salad tasted a bit bland. I had to grab the lemon from the fish dish and sqeeze abit of lemon juice into the salad... but everything is fresh though.

The reason that I want to go there is because of the wide selection of delicious looking daily baked cakes and desserts. It was awesome. I had to have some although I'm full. Guess what did I order for myself?

A Tasting Plate!

It was soooooooo freaking nice!!!! Usually I can't finish the dessert by myself because of the sweetness. But this! This!! OMG is so NICEEEEEE!!! Every spoon that I had is heavenly yummy. Seriously. I'm not a sweet fan but I finish this! NO REGRET! I rather run 10 rounds than not eating this. The Pistacio creme brulee, poached pear in red wine, berries panacota... so damn nice... Please try this if you go there. A must!

Bo Young had Mocha while I'm eating my Tasting plate. hehe.. Don't care.

After the yummy lunch, we head back to TBTW. Just 5 minutes walk from Azure.

When we got there... I see empty tables and racks.

Everything SOLD. How awesome! Obviously I didn't get anything because nothing there anymore. Maybe next time. hehehe.. Happy for them that they sold out like 90% of the vintage clothing because TBTW is helping the ACRF. I hope Perth will have more events like this to help the organizations and foundations. It's awesome guys.

I had a FULLfilling day on a relaxing sunny Saturday afternoon (because I got no jap class hehe2 weeks hol! yay! ).

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Anonymous said...

You probably ate part of the bloodline (referring to the swordfish) which can have a very fishy & bitter flavour. It's always taken off in restaurants though...

Unknown said...

ah.. im unlucky to have that part then :P