Friday, August 21, 2009


I was being a smart ass today agreeing my friend Rach, to help her out on the Mandarin to English Translation. I thought it was easy as I was a chinese language student for 6 freaking years and I can read/write/listen.

This is one of the document that Rach sent to me.

Oh yea, I read through everything and I thought.. That's easy! I can understand it!
I took 1 and half hours translating 5 documents and I thought to myself. I'm AWESOME!
Being a Translator is not difficult at all!!

That is just BULLSHIT.

After I've done everything, I asked Joe to check it for me just in case.
While he was reading it, he started questioning me like a bloody criminal and I don't know how to answer him at all!!! Well, the problem was, I have direct translated the whole thing from mandarin to english. Where it was a major mistake at the first place. Secondly, I have to use bloody business terms to write the damn thing which I have no clue of. Thirdly, I have to rephrase everything nicely and make it understandable for the people who doesn't understand mandarin.

Gowd.. it took Joe bloody 2 hours to go through the documents with me, questioning me about the chinese business terms which I never heard of or learn before and the bloody dictionary is not helping much. I probably need to be a Business lawyer to understand those shit.

I learnt my lesson today.


I would have been a laughing stock for the people there if I send whatever I have translated without Joe's checking. FML

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