Monday, August 17, 2009

Korean Food Night @ home

Tonight's chef was Bo Young.
She prepared some delicious Korean Food for us and it was YUM!

This is Bo Young's first attempt - Kalbi
Marinated Pork Rib. Although it was her first time making this, but it taste and smell so good!
It's easy to make!
Marinate the pork rib with Soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic(minced), onions(chopped), pepper, spring onion and sesame seeds.
After maybe 2-3hours, put the pork rib on the grill pan and put in oven probably about 180 degrees, cook it till slightly burn at the tip of the bone or meat. (I like it abit crispy)
Oh! Remember to take out any veges like spring onion or onion from pork rib before you put it into the oven, or else it will burn the veges.

Below is my try out dish. Just for the fun of it.

My first attempt of cooking Korean homestyle zuchini with egg.
I had this probably a year ago in one of my korean friend's place. I was surprise to see what they'd cook for dinner. All Vegetarian and it's really simple.
The one above, Cucumber with sliced chilli and eggs.
It's a very simple dish. But it was good and most importantly, Healthy.
Aunty loves it hehe ^_^

Bo Young prepared this to us, Neng Meun. Cold Noodle Soup (summer dish, but i love it even it's winter!)
My first time trying this and I love it. I have tried cold soba (Japanese Cold Noodle) before, but I don't really like it. But Neng Meun tasted different, it is abit sour-ish and it's ICEY cold! The special part is, you can put a lil wasabi in it, mix it around and it is TASTIER!
Well, she didn't cook the soup stock by herself, we actually bought the soup packet from the Korean supermarket in the city. You can find it in the freezer section. A huge blue bag with 5 packet of soup.
What you need to do it, cook the noodle in boiling water til cooked.
Thinly sliced the cucumber like above.
Boiled Eggs and get some thinly sliced raddish in a packet.
Put it all together and open up the icey cold bag of soup and pour it in! How easy was that!

If you have the chance, try it! It's healthy and yum!

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