Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happiest Day! Thanks Nuffnang! and Tax Refund!

Wednesday is the greatest day in my life. Simply because it is my off day.
I get to do whatever I wanna do on Wednesday... like shopping.. relaxing.. reading.. surfing.. eating...But today.. is extra special!

Joe, Bo young and I met up with Rachael for lunch at the pancake house in the city.

I had the Mushroom crepe and gosh.. I was so full after that!
But I prefer Rach's Chicken Mexicana Crepe.
Oh! Rachael is pregnant!!! 8 weeks and 5 days! We were all so happy for her!! She thinks that it will be a boy because they believe that when pregnant and didn't feel dizzy or throwing up for the 1st 2-3 months, it will be a boy. So, let's see if it's a boy :)

We had an 1 hour lunch because Rach need to get back to work. So Joe, Bo young and I went to the newly opened Burberry shop just around the corner...
It was so nice and big! I was like in the dreamland!

*Look at left* Burberry~

*Look at right* Burberry~

*Look around* Burberrrryyyyyy~~~~~
So pretty~~~
Hop hop hop (like Floppy jumping around)~ hopping around the shop~
Then I found something that I really like..... >_<
But it is really good and useful!!!! Plus it is kids size! So it is wayyyy cheaper than the adult ones!
It's good to be small size :P

Tada~ My new Trenchcoat!

It fits perfectly, length is good, and it is CLASSIC BURBERRY!
I'm so happy~! Even Joe said this is a good one as I never have a decent looking coat in my wardrobe. Down side is, I cannot buy any coat for at least a few years... oh well, WORTH IT!
After Burberry, we went to immigration to get Joe's passport a PR sticker.
It didn't take long. Very impress. I used to wait like 1 hour to get mine done.

After everything, we went home. I got a package!!! At first I thought it was polaroid film that i bought from ebay.

Until I saw this sticker! Nuffnang!!!

Nuffnang sent me something??? Wow! what's in there??
So excited and happily open the box and found lots of item in there!

A Gift card, Leggo's casserole, 2 packet of Redken hair and body products, Spring Valley Tea and John West Tuna! Useful things and FOOD! I love!

Thanks Nuffnang for the surprise gift!!! I lurve Nuffnang!
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