Monday, August 3, 2009

Good food & wine show

Joe, Frances and I went to Good Food and Wine show last Saturday in convention centre.

It was crazily packed by people. Everyone is pushing everyone. It was insane.
There was lots of wine stall and Joe is the only one trying out most of them. Nothing is up to his liking. Apparently the selection of wine they had on the table was not really good.
I was kinda disappointed because there was not much food stalls in the show. Mostly wine. They should just call it a wine show.

But anyway, after an hour of walking around and pushing around, we decided to sit down and have celebrity chef's food. From Left to Right.
Tobie Puttock - Alastair Mcleod - Gary Mehigan - Matt Moran

Before we can go and eat the food, we have to purchase tickets from the counter and surprisingly we saw our fren Awaw working at the counter! Joe keep bugging and talk crapz to him in the counter.

Finally, we get to sit down and eat yummy food.

Matt Moran
I had the Prawn Tempura with Remoulade Sauce
The sauce is awesome. Thick, Creamy and Rich.

Matt Moran
My dessert - Raspberry Tart with Champagne Sabyon
It was a good tart but some how I feel the pastry is a lil bit overcooked.

Tobie Puttock
Frances and Joe each had the Main: Veal Osso Bucco

Gary Mehigan
Dessert: Clotted Cream & Lemon Curd Mousse, Spiced Gingerbread Crumble

After the nice Lunch+tea time, we went to the Riedel to purchase some wine glasses.
Riedel is one expensive shit. 0_0 shocking price but of course.. quality is good.
This is the idiot posing to my camera while I was taking the photo.

After that, we went to see Matt Moran's show. He is such a funny guy.
He is really a excellent chef. Why? I will post up a video soon.

His show was really enjoyable. Funny and he gave us a lil bit of tips about the cooking.
He did mentioned that his new cookbook will be out in September, I probably will get one. hehe

These are the things that we bought from the show.
A $50 Showbag from luvaduck (plenty of Ducks)
A $15 Showbag from the Cheese stall
and Riedel's wine glasses that cost $150.

Overall, we quite enjoyed it but just maybe they should improve the food part hopefully for next year's show.

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