Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Craving for Yummy Food

I just realised that I am a fine dining food addict. I always thought that I just love to eat tasty food. Since Joe been working as a commi chef in restaurant/cafe, he's been telling and teaching me about what ingredient to put and methods on cooking the food. Some are really complicated, some are really unexpected.
I'm not just a person who eats tasty food now but I am more aware on how the food is prepared.

Few minutes ago, I was having a short break at work and came across a full page article about Food Bible Top 100 in Australia and 4 WA eateries made it into the top 100 list.
• Restaurant Amuse
• Star Anise
• The Loose Box
• Jackson's

I have tried one of them so far. 3 to go!!!

Below are a list of Top 10 Fine Dining from Gourmet Traveller's WA editor.
1. Restaurant Amuse
2. Start Anise
3. The Loose Box
4. Jackson's
5. Nahm Thai
6. Must Winebar
7. Maya
8. Fraser's
9. Divido
10. Lamont's

and these below are recommended by Rob Broadfield on the paper.
• Leeuwin Estate
• Vasse Felix
• Cape Lodge

I will try all of the Restaurants mentioned above before I DIE! >:D

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