Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bye bye Mira...


She is bubbly, fish ball, bitch, quitting-smoking-but-DID-NOT-succeed, boob molester, little miss giggle and last but not least, Siti Nor Asmaniah Abdul Saman. ( I think her name is longer than that)

I have known her for 5 years but we never really got to know each other well until 3.5 years ago.
She is a very cheerful and a very wonderful girl. Always the one who is making everybody laugh and always been a chilli padi. little red hot chilli (small but very noticeable)

Sadly, she had to leave the country for good.
She carelessly handled her passport and visa case with immigration and suddenly one day, she was informed by the immigration that she had been deported.

It was a shocking news for all of us. We were all thinking this must be a stupid prank that Mira comes up with to fool us all, but we were all wrong. She is really leaving. For good. Tomorrow.
We really had no idea how will our group be without her.

We throw her a Farewell Party at Joe's house. We made her a card with our photos and wrote messages to her, gave her a Burberry purse and Joe made her a video of all our memories that we have been together in the group. It was funny and sad at the same time...

It made her cried...

All the best in your future Mira. We are gonna miss you...

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