Monday, August 31, 2009


I wish I can celebrate Merdeka too~~ by staying at home with my family~~

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Masquerade Fashion Cocktail Soiree

I went to Masquerade Fashion Cocktail Soiree yesterday with a few frens.
It was a charity event for Kids with Cancer.
The event was held at The Platform, just right opposite Tony Roma's Restaurant.

There were lots of people wearing beautiful dresses and the guys were all suit up!
As for me, I got myself a beautiful long black dress. Leather on the top and slightly see through cloth with gold colour patches on the bottom.

Thats me with my gold mask.

There were people being interviewed, lots of free booze and lots of pretty people ^_^

This is us yesterday night.

and my friend Christine with her friends Nadia and Stacie. Pretty hey!

Below are some pics that I took that night on the runway.
I think I missed out some of them but I guess this should do.

Hot bod and sexy ey~

Some of the clothes were outrageous and some were nice and pretty.
Runway Shows by: Politix, She Said Yoo Hoo, Alister Yiap, Samantha Jane, Billie and Rose, Ruth Tarvydas, Alanah Hill, French Connection, Bluespirit, Gorgeous Vintage, and Fashion by Myer.

It was a interesting night for me as I never been to all these events before. I think I should go to more of these events to boost up my confident and talk to other people (I know that will never happen) But I think it was really a good experience for me. Although I feel a bit awkward yesterday night and left quite early, but I feel as a warm up, I did a great job haha.. Maybe I will do better next time by enjoying the event, and probably booze up!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dinner @ Home, Popiah

Joe's mum made a whole lot of popiah today for dinner.
It was yum~ ^_^

I used to have this every Thursday if I go to the night market near where I used to live in KL.
I couldn't have it anytime I want anymore now...

My grandma used to make it on the special occasion.
She will order the whole lot of freshly made popiah skin from somewhere special, then make a whole big lot of filling.
Imagine she make to feed 20-30 people.
Oh~ I missed home~

If you are curious what popiah is, read below :)
Popiah (Poh Piah) is a Fujian/Chaozhou-style fresh spring roll common in Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Popiah is often eaten in the Fujian province of China (usually in Xiamen)

A popiah "skin" is a soft, thin paper-like crepe or pancake made from wheat flour which is eaten in accompaniment with a sweet sauce (often a bean sauce, a blended soy sauce or hoisin sauce or a shrimp paste sauce, and optionally with hot chilli sauce before it is filled. The filling is mainly finely grated and steamed or stir-fried turnip, which has been cooked with a combination of other ingredients such as bean sprouts, French beans, and lettuce leaves, depending on the individual vendor, along with grated carrots, slices of Chinese sausage, thinly sliced fried tofu, chopped peanuts or peanut powder, fried shallots, and shredded omelette. Other common variations of popiah include include pork (lightly seasoned and stir-fried), shrimp or crab meat. Seaweed is often included in the Xiamen versions. Some hawkers in Malaysia and Singapore, especially in non-halal settings, will add fried pork lard. As a fresh spring roll, the popiah skin itself is not fried.

In mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan there are "popiah parties" at home, where the ingredients are laid out and guests make their own popiah with proportions of ingredients to their own personal liking.

Grain Waves

Tuesday, Christine bought the Grain Waves Sweet Chilli while all of us are having "eye-shutting-problem" at work.

Friday, Judy went and bought the Whole Grain Sour cream & chives.

I never thought that wholegrain chips can be so yummy!
It's 25% less fat, made from wholegrain NOT potatoes, and it's healthier of course :)
They come in three different flavours
Original, Sour Cream & Chives & Sweet Chilli
I love all of them! It's addictive.

Crunch ~

Crunch ~

Crunch ~


I think you should try it.



Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yokohama Tyre

There goes my 200 bucks.

Dinner @ Izyan, Vic Park

Joe, Bo Young and I went to Izyan to have Malay Cuisine Dinner yesterday as it is newly opened about 1 or 2 months ago. Been wanting to try it out but never have the chance.

It was pretty busy when we went in there, service was alright, but not the woman at the counter, but others was quite friendly.
As for the menu, there are lots of choices but I realised they also crossed out some of the dishes out off the menu. I guess it is because not popular and it's good to crossed it out, so that they can maintain the freshness of the food instead of freezing it for a long time til someone orders it.

We had Teh Tariks.
It was alright but not as good as the teh tariks at Makan-Makan (in Vic Park too)
I saw the waiter tarik only once. Supposed to be tarik a few times. Oh well, taste alright.

Sup Kambing
I'm not a fan of sup kambing, but Joe said it's quite good but the flavour is too thick.

Lamb Curry
Quite good I think. Doesn't really have a strong lamb taste, so it's good :)

Beef Rendang
I particulary like this dish because of the rendang gravy and tender meat.

Curry Fish
This dish is good too. They fried the fish till really crispy outside and the meat is still soft and juicy. Maybe a lil bit more gravy will be good.
Oh and Briyani rice to go with everything.

And of course.. DESSERT!
I ordered the Seri Muka. Which is the top part is like Pandan Custard-like thing on top and glutinous rice at the bottom. Yum. It's a bit too expensive to have kuih there.
$4.50 per piece. Oh well, I can't get it anywhere else like I do in KL.

Sago Gula Melaka
Yummy and fattening hahaha..

Don't like the cendol. because it's frozen cendol. weird.
but taste like cendol. maybe once it's fine for me

Overall, price is good, Food was alright except for the portion, it was a lil bit lesser than other places, service probably not to good. Will go back there again if I crave for Malay food, maybe for lunch. :)
Personal thought. The reason why they are busy, I guess it's because of Toto's Vietnamese Restaurant. Toto is always full of people. For those who doesn't want to wait for seatsin Toto, they tend to go to other restaurant and Izyan happen to be right next to Toto. I might be wrong :)

Izyan on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ENEX 100

A $400 million shopping centre opened in central Perth last week in a sign of optimism for higher consumer spending in the city.
Enex 100
It is located in between Hay St Mall and St Georges Tce.

It is not really a big shopping mall, but it is SPACIOUS, SLEEK and VIBRANT.

As you can see the above picture, it is really spacious.

All the shops there were well design, display nicely and classy.

The place was decorated with Orangey objects all over. I think it's their mall's colour? It's quite cool though. Catchy.

Enex 100 has 3 levels.

1st - Hay St Level
Its where all the beautiful and branded clothes like FCUK, MARCS, MIMCO, NINEWEST and etc.

2nd - The Podium
Where all the food is. There's Sumo Salad, Mi Shanghai, Matsuri, Maya Masala, Three Degrees and etc. There's JB Hifi, EB games on that level too.

3rd - St Georges Level
The level where the Woolworths is. Lots of self-scanning machines for the busy city people for a quick shop and some other convenient shops too.

Go there and have a look.
ps: don't get confuse by the opening times from thier website, it is operating as normal shopping time and woolies will open til 7pm on weekdays.
Thanks Erin for the corrections :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Craving for Yummy Food

I just realised that I am a fine dining food addict. I always thought that I just love to eat tasty food. Since Joe been working as a commi chef in restaurant/cafe, he's been telling and teaching me about what ingredient to put and methods on cooking the food. Some are really complicated, some are really unexpected.
I'm not just a person who eats tasty food now but I am more aware on how the food is prepared.

Few minutes ago, I was having a short break at work and came across a full page article about Food Bible Top 100 in Australia and 4 WA eateries made it into the top 100 list.
• Restaurant Amuse
• Star Anise
• The Loose Box
• Jackson's

I have tried one of them so far. 3 to go!!!

Below are a list of Top 10 Fine Dining from Gourmet Traveller's WA editor.
1. Restaurant Amuse
2. Start Anise
3. The Loose Box
4. Jackson's
5. Nahm Thai
6. Must Winebar
7. Maya
8. Fraser's
9. Divido
10. Lamont's

and these below are recommended by Rob Broadfield on the paper.
• Leeuwin Estate
• Vasse Felix
• Cape Lodge

I will try all of the Restaurants mentioned above before I DIE! >:D

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lunch @ Walter's River Cafe, Bicton

I went to Walter's River Cafe for a lunch today.
I love that place so much because it is next to the river. It's a beautiful and relaxing place to go to on a nice Sunday afternoon.

Chicken Confeit
I heard from Joe that this is the best dish in the lunch menu and it requires a lot of time and effort to make it. This plate of chicken is really good. Nice, tender, juicy and crispy on the skin! I love crispy skin~
I know I shouldn't have ordered this since I'm on a diet, but I had to try it..!
I didn't regret it at all!! I will just need to restart my diet tomorrow~haha!

Thai Fish Cake
Special of the day. I love the fish cakes because it has Prawns, Scallops, Potatoes and Fish!
Yum yum! I know.. haha thats one expensive fish cake. It has all the seafood I love in it hehe..

I wish I live near there so I can go there whenever I feel like it!

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Friday, August 21, 2009


I was being a smart ass today agreeing my friend Rach, to help her out on the Mandarin to English Translation. I thought it was easy as I was a chinese language student for 6 freaking years and I can read/write/listen.

This is one of the document that Rach sent to me.

Oh yea, I read through everything and I thought.. That's easy! I can understand it!
I took 1 and half hours translating 5 documents and I thought to myself. I'm AWESOME!
Being a Translator is not difficult at all!!

That is just BULLSHIT.

After I've done everything, I asked Joe to check it for me just in case.
While he was reading it, he started questioning me like a bloody criminal and I don't know how to answer him at all!!! Well, the problem was, I have direct translated the whole thing from mandarin to english. Where it was a major mistake at the first place. Secondly, I have to use bloody business terms to write the damn thing which I have no clue of. Thirdly, I have to rephrase everything nicely and make it understandable for the people who doesn't understand mandarin.

Gowd.. it took Joe bloody 2 hours to go through the documents with me, questioning me about the chinese business terms which I never heard of or learn before and the bloody dictionary is not helping much. I probably need to be a Business lawyer to understand those shit.

I learnt my lesson today.


I would have been a laughing stock for the people there if I send whatever I have translated without Joe's checking. FML

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hill of Grace - Henschke

At 9:45am, dark gloomy wet weather outside the house while everybody still cozying up on the bed with thick warm blanket, Karzan starts bark.

Barks like crazy. Everybody dragging themselves up to see what happen.
We open the door, we saw a man holding a big package with caution sticker all over.
The man smiled and said, this is very expensive and good.
What could it be?

Of course it's the 1999 Eden Valley Hill of Grace from Henschke that Frances bought over a week ago. The Hill of Grace is one of the most prominent red wines in Australia and is the flagship wine of Henschke. It is 100% Shiraz, which is a full-flavored red wine that goes well with strong tasting meats such as beef, lamb, goose or duck. The particular vintage comes after the famous 1998 vintage, the best vintage on record for South Australian shiraz. The tasting notes can downloaded from the Henschke web site and states the optimum drinking year as 2014... which means 5 more years of painful cellaring.

Why would we have it?
The story goes like this. For a while now, Joe has turned into a person who appreciates wine. He regularly buys wine from the better wine shops around Perth and does considerable research online. Most of the expensive Australian wines are typically out of reach for regular wine consumers like us, with the flagship wines of Penfold, Wild Duck Creek, Green Nock Creek, Moss Wood, Henschke etc. all costing well over $200 up to $600 depending on the particular vintage. While they are all definately good wines, its debatable as to weather its worth that much. Well, we'll let you know in 5 years.

Tune in in 2014 for an update for how it tastes.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Korean Food Night @ home

Tonight's chef was Bo Young.
She prepared some delicious Korean Food for us and it was YUM!

This is Bo Young's first attempt - Kalbi
Marinated Pork Rib. Although it was her first time making this, but it taste and smell so good!
It's easy to make!
Marinate the pork rib with Soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic(minced), onions(chopped), pepper, spring onion and sesame seeds.
After maybe 2-3hours, put the pork rib on the grill pan and put in oven probably about 180 degrees, cook it till slightly burn at the tip of the bone or meat. (I like it abit crispy)
Oh! Remember to take out any veges like spring onion or onion from pork rib before you put it into the oven, or else it will burn the veges.

Below is my try out dish. Just for the fun of it.

My first attempt of cooking Korean homestyle zuchini with egg.
I had this probably a year ago in one of my korean friend's place. I was surprise to see what they'd cook for dinner. All Vegetarian and it's really simple.
The one above, Cucumber with sliced chilli and eggs.
It's a very simple dish. But it was good and most importantly, Healthy.
Aunty loves it hehe ^_^

Bo Young prepared this to us, Neng Meun. Cold Noodle Soup (summer dish, but i love it even it's winter!)
My first time trying this and I love it. I have tried cold soba (Japanese Cold Noodle) before, but I don't really like it. But Neng Meun tasted different, it is abit sour-ish and it's ICEY cold! The special part is, you can put a lil wasabi in it, mix it around and it is TASTIER!
Well, she didn't cook the soup stock by herself, we actually bought the soup packet from the Korean supermarket in the city. You can find it in the freezer section. A huge blue bag with 5 packet of soup.
What you need to do it, cook the noodle in boiling water til cooked.
Thinly sliced the cucumber like above.
Boiled Eggs and get some thinly sliced raddish in a packet.
Put it all together and open up the icey cold bag of soup and pour it in! How easy was that!

If you have the chance, try it! It's healthy and yum!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Digital Harinezumi

My 4th collection of camera had arrived yesterday.

All the way from Japan!

The Digital Harinezumi.



The Harinezumi shoots both digital stills and video as well. All you need is a Micro SD Card and a CR2 battery (rechargable CR2 batt is recommended)
The Superheadz had created this 110mm film toy camera (below) to a DIGITAL toy camera and still manage to keep the wash out look on the picture itself. Really impressed.
The Digital Harinezumi still keep the original idea of using the frame as the viewfinder. Meaning you won't be able to see the outcome of the image from the LCD until you take the photos.
You will be surprise to see a how different and nice it would be after taken it.
I guess this is the 1st vintage-lomo-effect camera that was created in digital. This is a very smart move. As you know, developing 120 film and 110 film is very expensive. The 110 toy cam plus film can probably cost about 20 bucks. It is really a good price for a small and compact camera, but when it comes to developing the film.. it is another story. It cost about 20-30 bucks to develop just 1 roll of film. How expensive it that?

I remember I had this camera at home when I was really really young. I don't know why somehow I remember I have used this camera before, when I don't even remember what I ate yesterday. I believe my brother or my sister had forgotten about this camera.
I just realised that my parents actually owned the polaroid and 110mm film cameras before when I was a child but I don't know where it had gone to, or else I could have owned all these antiques camera now!!

I have taken a few photos and a video using the Harinezumi. I am very pleased with the result.
These photos were taken indoor with ISO 100. I haven't try on ISO 800 yet cuz I can't wait to post it up on my blog! With just 2mp, the quality is way out of my expectation.

The Wang Wang Sugar Coating Rice Biscuit

Auntie's Organ

Auntie's Cook book in Macro mode

Without macro mode

Random Shot

Joe marinating the meat

Karzan was curious

Below were taken outside the house.

and this video taken by Harinezumi camera.
Quality of the video is excellent even without the sound!

I think Digital Harinezumi is a really a great toy camera.
It is small, portable, easy to use, DIGITAL and it is good as a gift especially for the camera lovers! (no Flash of course)
If you are really interested in buying this camera, you can go to ebay or to Four Corner Store to purchase the camera. I will suggest to buy from Four Corner Store as it is cheaper and there are a lot of lomos and vintage looking cameras on sale!
Digital Harinezumi is currently out of stock in Four Corner Store. They will restock really soon. Probably 1 week or so. So be patient :) Oh! remember to buy the micro SD card from them as well! Or else you won't be able to use it when you get your camera.

Here are the Specs for Harinezumi if you are interested.
Resolution: 2 MegaPixel CMOS Chip
Recording resolution: still picture: 1600×1200 or 320×240, video: 640 × 480
Film sensitivity: 100/800
Lens: Normal : about 1m to infinity
Macro: about 10cm
Exposure: Auto White Balance: Auto
Self Timer: 10 sec.
File Format: Still Picture: JPEG
Video: AVI (25fps)
Memory: Micro SD Card (Up to 2GB; Sold Separately)
Size: 95.5×26.5×54.5mm
Display: (Width) 3.3cm (Height) 2.5cm
Body: (Length) about 9cm (Height) about 3cm
(Width) about 3.5cm Weight: 85g (Body Only)