Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lunch @ Point 88, Northbridge

Point 88 is a newly open cafe/pool/karaoke shop in Northbridge. (nearby Potblack)
It was a huge place. The owner of this shop has good concept. Everything in one place is definitely a winner.

Hungry? You can eat there.

Just wanna have some games while you are waiting for somebody?

Party? Celebration? Wanna yell or hand itchy?
A Karaoke room with a Mahjong table.

How about that!
It's a good idea until I tried their food.

Squid Balls

Seafood noodle. ( soya sauce noodle more like it )
I don't know what the heck I'm eating. This is like the worse of the worse!
They should just change the bloody chef man. FAIL! FIRED HIM!
Alright.. just chill... :P
Overall, entertainments was good but not the food.

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