Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lunch @ Mata's cafe, Archer St, Carlisle

Joe and I went to Mata's cafe to have lunch on a rainy afternoon.
Mata's cafe is a very small cafe which caters to people who live nearby in the neighbourhood or people who works around there. It was a friendly & happy cafe where everyone knows each other or maybe knows what the customer want right after they step into the cafe.

Quite a lot of food selections in the menu.

Joe ordered the Mexican Burger.
The burger tasted good. The patty is homemade and the sauce and coleslaw blend well together except the burger bun. Joe was pretty dissapointed at the bun because the bun was the "normal" supermarket bun. Not sure about that, but Joe is pretty picky about his food nowadays.

I had the Egg Benedicts. Pretty-ly placed. Looks yum.

A layer of hollandaise sauce, Poached egg, a few pieces of slice ham with english muffin.
The flavor is nicely blend together with the creamy hollandaise sauce.. I wish the egg yolks can be more uncooked because I like the yolks oozing out from it.. mmmm...

and Guess what this is..

It's Homemade mushroom soup.
This is my 1st time to see a bowl of FRESH homemade mushroom soup! It's black!
I usually have the light brown and creamy ready made mushroom soup in can.. even when I have it in the restaurant. I must say, I am impressed of the soup! It is not as smooth and creamy like those in cans, but it is quite good.

I learnt a lot more about food from eating at different places and learn from Joe quite alot too.
He taught me quite alot about food and appreaciation. I should really brush up my passion on food and maybe one day I can be a professional food critic hahaha.. that will never happen :P I will end up like this!

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