Monday, July 13, 2009

Joe's Pre-birthday Dinner @ Balthazar

Frances treated Joe to a very interesting restaurant/bar called Balthazar in Perth city.
Balthazar won Wine List of the Year 2009

They got huge selection of wine and the place was fantastic.

When we were inside, I found it a bit noisy because there was a bar at the entrance.
Balthazar is not a place for people who likes quiet and relax. Although it was noisy, somehow I felt comfortable sitting there having dinner there.

We started off with a good wine.

2004 Chateau La Nerthe
I'm not a wine person because I will feel sleepy always after even just one sip of it. But I thought to myself, I should really give this bloody expensive wine a go because it cost AUD 137 per bottle.
Hey! Guess what? I had a big glass! This wine is superb! Very smooth and the taste of the wine is amazingly good. Most importantly, I don't feel sleepy at all!
If you get the chance, please try this wine. You will never regret it. Joe is going to buy this wine to keep.

Let's start with the food now.

Frances' Butter Poached Pemberton Marron, sweetcorn & capsicum

Joe's Tomato soup with Grilled Goats cheese Sandwich

My Roasted Quail, sauerkraut, rye & quail egg
Not just mine, It's everything! Simple dish name but freaking nice taste!

As for the mains...

Frances had Grilled Tasmanian Salmon with tempura shiitake and pickled walnut dressing

Joe had Braised lamb ribs with puy lentils, honey and fennel

Vegetable to share

Mine Crispy skin duck breas with sweet potato pie, apple and foie gras nage (don't ask me what isit)


Joe's A-little-Sweet-surprise-from-Balthazar Flourless chocolate cake with marshmellow and peanut brittle

Balthazar's Cheese platter -with honeycomb and muscatels

My Apple Pie & butternut pumpkin soup

If you want me to tell you about the food in Balthazar, it will take me freaking hours.
I have no complains at all for the service, food, drinks or atmosphere.
Everything is PERFECT.
Don't wait anymore! Pick up the phone and book now! WEY never LIE to you when it comes to FOOD :)

Ps: Thanks to Frances because she found this restaurant or else I don't think I will get to taste such a good wine and food.
Ps2: I wish my family is here so I can bring them there.

6 The Esplanade
Perth 6000 WA
(08) 9421 1206

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