Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Joe's Birthday Bash - Casino Royale

It was Joe's birthday last saturday and I have organize my 1st successful theme Party. The Casino Royale.
It took me probably 1 month to plan and organize this event but I really enjoyed it.
I plan on games, decorations, food, drinks, presents, invites, and etc.
Of course, Joe did help me too. He was as excited as me. haha.

Joe and I took a night to decide what game to have, what is the chips cost and whats the rules.
We actually make it real! Just like the casino.

People will buy the chips from us, then place bets with the chips.

We had the Mahjong table, Black Jack Table, Texas hold-em Poker table, Darts and some other random games like Jackpot machine and mini Tetris. Oh! I got the card shuffler too! Professional man... hehe

We bought tons of alcohol but because everybody is busy gambling, nobody bother to drink up!
Very rare....
We had a keg of heineken, it was good. Can really taste the crisp of the beer.

We pre-order some food from Subway, Momiji (Japanese restaurant) and Pizza Hut.
We made Salmon Caesar salad and baked chicken wings.

See all the dou san(god of gambler) face?

This is Joe's Birthday cake from La Galette de France, nedlands and some beer cans candles :)

We took a group photo last minute, some of them have left though...
Can you see everybody dressed up? Glad that they follow my theme hehe

This is Joe's birthday card. It's abit big I know but it's cool!

I think everybody really enjoyed the party and I'm very happy that everybody including Joe enjoyed it! This is what celebrations are for right! ENJOY TO THE MAX!

Anybody wanna rent the decorations that I got? Let me know! you can rent the chips too :P kidding.


jasonho said...

burswood prolly see a drop in their business that nite.

Joe said...

Too bad for the house that everyone had their sense about them and didn't drink b4 gambling..:(

jasonho said...

what goes around comes around. try hosting another one, luck might be on the house this time :)

Jo Serwey said...

ahahahh maybe a year later :P make them drunk 1st next time.. hehehe.. must make some profit hahahaa

jonnyta said...

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