Monday, July 20, 2009

Dinner @ Home, Authentic Thai Food

Bo Young invited her Long-time-no-see Thai friends to Joe's house today for dinner.
We didn't cook the dinner. The Thais do all the cooking. Weird right?
Bo Young told us few days ago that she invited her friends to come over just to teach her on how to cook the red curry (Thai Dish). I think it's quite a good idea, cuz I get to eat AUTHENTIC Thai food hehe...

They cook steam fish, dip with garlic chilli lemon sauce

The Chicken dish

The Soup (I can't remember the name of it, but this soup is good! A lil bit spicy, with pumpkin, mushrooms, and baby corn. They told us it's a home cook soup, never sell in the restaurant.) Cool!

The famous Red Curry. It is damn yummy. I love it.
Thick and creamy curry sauce with bamboo shoots and chicken pieces.

Nice to meet you guys, Dennis, Bee and of course Bo Young.
We really enjoy your food and hope to see you guys again :)

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