Sunday, July 26, 2009

Condor Tower Carpark Graffiti

I went to Condor Tower Carpark in the city yesterday night.
No Im not parking my car there and no, I'm not doing anything stupid there.
I went there because they had an event in the carpark. Christine is the one who told me about it and I was really interested. Anything artsy drives me crazy.

It catches my attention because this 5 level car park had graffiti all over the walls, ceilings and even on the floor. It was awesome!

Over a year of painting they had more than 60 local & interstate artists produce artwork including Creepy, Stormie Mills, Jodee Knowles, Timothy Rollin, Hurben, THNK, Showbiz, Shime, Yok, Pat Doherty, Trevor6025, Yo-Yo, Rifs, Daek, Sam DeSouza, Beastman, Drewfunk Yo, Kid Zoom, Reka, Grumps...

Probably more than a thousand people attended this event.
Has DJ, lot of people with camera and of course.. alcohol.

I love this the most. The girl is very weird and cute at the same time. Why I can't be like her?

and of course this one too! I love it! A picture of a kid fishing.

How cute!

How about closer?

Fishing a shark! Awesome la... ;)

Bo Young had some fun herself that night too. haha
and below are just some photos that I just wanted to share with you! Have fun!

Too bad, this event is for 1 night only.


Anonymous said...

Hey great pics, the carpark was undertaken by the ololo crew - Hurben, griv & shensing - lots of hard work but the end result is awesome!

Unknown said...

Yeah, it was an awesome show hey. I wish there were more things like this around :(