Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1 year Anniversary

Today is the day for Wey2 and myself. It's our 1 year anniversary for our blog.
I can't believe 1 year had gone by so fast.
I still remember the 1st day I started this blog. It was on the Tuesday night, in the living room.
I was speechless, sad and lost. I felt that I need to do something.
Something to keep.
Something to tell.
Something to express.
and probably Something to remember..
It was because of Joe's father, Franz Josef Werner. His death made me start up a blog.
I felt really thankful that I started this blog, I never thought that I, Ser Wey, have blog for a year. To tell the truth, I'm a everything-do-half-way kinda girl. Always start and never end. I am glad that I'm still writing a blog and share with my friends and my family.
Maybe to other people, I'm writing a blog is just for the fun of it, but Wey2 created for a reason.

Joe's dad death really gave me a big impact for my life.
He made me realised that life is unexpectable, you will never know what will happen next.
He made me realised that I should do whatever I wish to do before it's too late.
He made me realised that I should be thankful of what I have and not be greedy.
He made me realised that I should open up and be a cheerful person.
He made me realised that I should express my feelings and love to people who are close in my life.
He made me realised how I want myself to be with my family and how important they are in my life.

I felt stupid and regret because of who I am last time. I was a quiet, shy and extremely stubborn. I didn't have a chance to even let uncle know a little about me. I was foolish. Thought that keeping my mouth close is a way to stay away from trouble. I have to admit, I am still like that till now. It's hard to change when I am like this since young. But I am trying.

Today, I felt that I am a better person. I am not a sad person like last time anymore. I am learning to be a optimist rather than pessimist.
I want to share with my family and friends about everything that I've done and been through from my blog. I hope to keep a record of the journey of my life until I'm old, hopefully.

Just wanna share a little thought to all of you...
Bad things does happen in our life. Don't be sad or complain about it but try to understand that a lot of times in your life, you are actually happy and blessed.
Be satisfy with your life and you will feel happiness in your heart.


ching∞ said...

I've learn a lot from you too.. only if we open up ourselves.

Everything happens for a reason.. a good reason :)

jasonho said...

ahem.. broad daylight therapy session? :)

your blog is here to stay. keep it up !

Jo Serwey said...

haha probably pmsing soon?