Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We get what today...

Joe got his precious wine that he ordered online....

Old, rare, french imitation, award winning wine (left to right)

and I got my MOONCAKES!!!

Hong Kong Popular brand. Mei Sum. I wanna play lantern!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to be thin

Eat more cakes like me. 3 pieces in one go!

P/s: never eat passionfruit cheese cake with tiramisu and mudcake. Tasted awful.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My sunday dinner @ Royal Seafood restaurant

Frances treated all of us (Stephen, Joe, aunty, me and boyoung) to Royal Seafood restaurant to have yummy food today.

Soft shell crab with capelin fish

Hong Kong Bay Style Mud crab

the claw is HUGE!

Cantonese style steak

Abalone mushroom with broccoli

Sizzling Venison with ginger and spring onion

Sizzling Japanese tofu

Food in Royal Seafood is always been good. especially the hong kong bay style crab. YUM!

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Condor Tower Carpark Graffiti

I went to Condor Tower Carpark in the city yesterday night.
No Im not parking my car there and no, I'm not doing anything stupid there.
I went there because they had an event in the carpark. Christine is the one who told me about it and I was really interested. Anything artsy drives me crazy.

It catches my attention because this 5 level car park had graffiti all over the walls, ceilings and even on the floor. It was awesome!

Over a year of painting they had more than 60 local & interstate artists produce artwork including Creepy, Stormie Mills, Jodee Knowles, Timothy Rollin, Hurben, THNK, Showbiz, Shime, Yok, Pat Doherty, Trevor6025, Yo-Yo, Rifs, Daek, Sam DeSouza, Beastman, Drewfunk Yo, Kid Zoom, Reka, Grumps...

Probably more than a thousand people attended this event.
Has DJ, lot of people with camera and of course.. alcohol.

I love this the most. The girl is very weird and cute at the same time. Why I can't be like her?

and of course this one too! I love it! A picture of a kid fishing.

How cute!

How about closer?

Fishing a shark! Awesome la... ;)

Bo Young had some fun herself that night too. haha
and below are just some photos that I just wanted to share with you! Have fun!

Too bad, this event is for 1 night only.

Dinner @ K's restaurant, northbridge

Joe and I went to K's restaurant to have dinner with Alan & Cecile.
K's used to be our favourite Fusion restaurant 1 year ago. So Joe and I were excited to go there again to try on their new dish on the menu.

Joe bought the 2008 Torbreck Cuvee Juveniles. Tasted pretty good but according to Joe and Alan, it was a bit too young.

Soup of the Day
Cabbage and mince meat with tomato and mushrooms.
A very homecook soup. It has nothing special about it.

Grilled oyster with polenta & cheese, onion cream sauce
This was quite good. everything goes well, quite like it.

Deep fried pork fillet served with potato gnocchi and sauce eggplant paste
This is a very nice combination except for the port fillet on top.
The taste was well blend together for the gnocchi and the eggplant paste.
The pork fillet on top was too tough and dry. Dissapointed.

Thin sliced fresh scallops & tuna, cucumber, green salad
This was quite good. Very fresh and tasty.

Fish of the day
The worst dish ever. Grilled Salmon was over cooked. Salmon was tough and dry. Presentation fail totally. The mash potato was a bit watery.
I didn't finish this dish. Ultimate dissapoinment.

As for dessert

Cecile and Alan had the Green tea panacota
It was good. Very well done.

Green tea brulee
My favourite of all. Taste as good as last time.

Joe had the Cheese cake.
Apparently the cheesecake was a little bit burnt. They used the icing sugar to cover the burnt part of it. Very smart move but stupid at the same time.

Overall, K's standard has dropped. On a friday night, it has only serve probably 3-4 tables.
If they don't improve thier food standard, I don't think I will ever go there again.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lunch @ Toto, Vic Park

It's Friday again! Me and my workmates decided to have lunch together at Toto's Vietnamese Restaurant across the road.
We have 1 person extra this time.
Dillon. (the one far right) He is here in Quokka for work experience for 2 week. Although I only known him for 2 weeks, from what I observed, he is a very quiet, willing to learn and a caring guy. Everyone agrees on that.
I manage to take some photos of my workmates except for Judy.. as usual.. she hides whenever a camera pointing at her. I should really get a spy camera...>:)

Christine: Yeeeeee~

Brooke is staring at some guy across the road and Tony is the model of the Quokka Newspaper. You will know why later.
To DJ, Im just joking :P

We had Fried Wanton and Vegetarian springs roll as entree.
Vegetarian spring rolls taste nothing impressive really, but the fried Wanton is awesome. Crispy wanton skin with juicy prawns inside dip with special sweet chilli sauce.

As main, we had combination omelette,

Satay Beef

Fried Kuey Teow

Sizzling Mongolian Lamb

Crispy Bonelesss Lemon Chicken with steam rice.
Overall, food was as tasty as last time. Toto has been really consistent on thier food. That is why it is always full house during lunch and dinner.
We enjoyed our time eating and crapping around unfortunately there's no alcohol on the table for Christine. Christine is a alcoholic!!! Maybe we should get some wine before we go to the restaurant next time!

Oh yea.. below is a filler for the Quokka paper probably for next week.
Model: Tony
Photographer: Christine
Designer: Wey2 (I know I know.. such a show off :P)

I can't wait til it appear in the paper.. it will be funny hahahha.

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