Monday, June 29, 2009

Photo Shoot in Green's & Co, Leederville

I woke up early in the morning at 7am happy and excited yesterday.
Because it's my first photo shoot in my life! I'm not the main photographer, but I'm the photographer behind the scenes.

Getting ready everything including Frances's baby Canon DSLR. (Glad that I use that instead of my G9, or else I won't be able to get such nice effects!)

This is Christine. The sweet Photographer that allow me to experience the whole thing.
After watching her work, I have to say I admire this girl's work ethnic and enthusiastic character. I am really happy for her as well, she found her dream job as a Professional Photographer. I think she will be a well known photographer real soon!

This is the Make up artist, the Hair stylist and the Beautiful Model.
They are really creative and professional. I'm really Impress with their work.

He is the Overall Stylist that work together with Christine.
He is a very talented fashionista. He can just grab anything that he saw and put it up on the model and look excellent! He is gooooood. I wish I can bring him home and dress me up haha!

After the photo shooting session, I realise it is not easy to be a photographer. A photographer is not just have to be good on taking photos but must know lots of people, lots of contacts, have really good taste on something, good personality, patients and artistic mind!

Compare to myself.. I am no way or maybe it's just impossible to be like her!
First of all, I got no patient. I will just go crazy if somebody mumbling at me or distracting me while I know what I'm doing. Scondly, I'm too bloody QUIET. (Yea, I got Gold in my mouth)

Photoshoot is fun. I love it. It makes things pretty and I'm happy.

Don't you agree?
I think.. I'm in love with Frances's DSLR.. haha.. soli Frances~
But I have to agree that SLR camera is way too heavy and bulky. I actually feel the pain on my palm after 2 hours of photo taking. This is insane!

The whole TEAM.

Lastly, I have to say thanks to Christine again for letting me experience the fun of taking photos, I really enjoyed it. I hope I didn't get in your way. I tried not to :P
I hope I will continue my love for photography til I'm old.

If you are interested at Christine's work. Please Visit her Facebook at Christine K Photography. Lots of awesome work in there.
She does studio and outdoor photographs for anyone that loves photos to be taken professionally and beautifully. Her charges is really affordable and reasonable too!

Happy Snappin~

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