Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Full House, Damansara

I begged my sister to bring me to Fullhouse while I was in Malaysia.

I was eager to go to Fullhouse because of the interior design of the cafe.
The concept of the cafe was taken from Korea. In Korea, many of the cafes are usually designed around a particular motif ( eg. Garden )

In this case, Fullhouse was designed like a home. It had a bedroom, a bath tub, dining table and living room.
From what I hear, this cafe is gaining popularity in Malaysia.
It was full house when I arrived.

It was so hard for me to take a nice photo of this place because verybody was busy posing and taking pictures of themselves. But I manage to capture some pictures without anybody in it.:)

Fullhouse is a cafe that sells clothes, accessories, gifts and decorative items.
They provides event management service too! How I wish I can have a party there.

This is Fullhouse's menu. Comic style. Very appealing.
Wanted to take the menu home, but of course, I can't :(

Fullhouse's waiters and waitresses greets in Korean language. Anyeong Haseyo~
Plays Korean pop songs. It makes me miss Korea.

My sister and I had some petit four. It was good.
Not very sweet and just nice. I love it.

and we had a refreshing Ice blended Calamansi + Grape topped with Green Apple Jelly.

Go to their website and have a look. It's really cute!

I want this set in my new house! hehe..


ching∞ said...

ya ya I want my new room to look exactly like tat! *hoping for koko to read this comment* hehehehehehehe!

make sure i have the sheep there ya :p

Jo Serwey said...

ahhahaah ur room u can do watever u want wat.. :P and that sheep... i can draw for u la!

ching∞ said...

OK! SET! all paintings that i want in my room will be drawn by you!! :p:p


Jo Serwey said...

errr.. did i say anything??

ching∞ said...

even if you dont say anything, you are going to do it anyways because you are the ONLY artistic one in the family :p