Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finally Home again

I'm back at Malaysia home. Before I tell you about how nice Malaysia home is, I would like to "complain" about MAS airline.

I am suppose to be happy and satisfy taking MAS airline home with comfortable seats and good media entertainment. I am a unhappy and unsatisfy customer now, same as the rest of the passenger I guess.

Normally, we would only need to seat in the plane for 5 hours, watch movies-eat-sleep-pee and we will be home safely. But yesterday, it took 8 hours. We, all the passenger, sat in the plane for 2 hours, doing nothing. Apparently, there was a faulty loading in the cabin. The crew had to reload the containers again and again. It took them freaking 2 hours. I'm lucky that I don't need to worried about the connecting flight, or else I will tear my hair out.

I was facebooking refresh and refresh and reading while waiting to fly as I can't walk around the plane like an idiot. Really FML.

6.30pm. Finally ready to fly and I'm ready to watch the movies. I took out the remote control from the side of the seat and click. Click click. Click click click! What the.. I wanna watch movies!
Looking at the controller wondering... Since when they change the controller to WIRELESS?? That is.... NOT RIGHT! Then I found the wire was stuck in the holder. -_- Great. Broken.

So, I walk up to the air steward, told him NICELY that my controller is not working and request if he can find me a empty seat. He said yeah ok with a yeah-watever-piss off look.
and he never came back to me. Shit.. Is this the 5-star flight?? The people actually voted MAS a 5-star flight!? 5-shit.

So I targeted the other air stewardess. She was nice and surprisingly casual. After telling her about the controller, she "OMG! This is the second one!!"
Wow.. maybe you guys should really consider to thoroughly check this plane! Luggage cabin problem happened twice and then 2 controllers is broken. Whats next?
Anyway, I sat all the way back and start clicking. Lucky they have 2 empty seats left.

I'm finally touched down at 12.05am. My brother and sister pick me up and bring me to take-away some hawker centre food. I miss hawker centre SO MUCH.
Food? good..
Price? cheap..
Variety? YEAHH....

I had Hokkien mee and Oh Jien (Oyster Omelette). yum..

This is one of my favourite. Chee Cheong Fun.
It's weird. I mentioned to my sis that I wanna eat chee cheong fun when I was in the car on the way home and I got it this morning for my breakfast! MAGIC! hehe..

Whisky scratching balls.

Home is the best.

P/s: As this is a 4 days short trip, I was ordered not to meet up with my lovely frens because I need to spend more time with my dearest family. Sorry frens.. Family always comes first. Forgive me!~~~ :P


Franky said...

eat more for me!!!! *jealous*

Jo Serwey said...

I will~