Thursday, June 18, 2009


E-P1 is the smallest SLR camera in the market at the moment.

It's so small, so retro and I'm SO TEMPTED to buy.. :)

A wide LCD screen

Different kinds of lenses

It's Olympus.
Somehow, people (even myself) don't really like using Olympus, because of the quality, speed and even the specs.
But.. this one catches my attention.
Do you know anything about it? Pros and Cons maybe? I read about it and gowd.. that is alot of effort! Anybody knows a camera specs human language?

I know this is definitely suitable for everybody. Take good quality photos like the SLRs and as small as the normal digital camera.
Awesome + awesome = E-P1

Sell my G9 and get E-P1? should I? should i? Should I??? hehe


Franky said...

jojo... i've got some mags on cameras.. including the little one.. i'll lend them to you and i'll keep an eye out for this camera.

Jo Serwey said...

i've read two of it haha! yea.. read more for me :)

jasonho said...

its not a true slr quality yet, but close due to large image sensor. no built in flash.

can check out sigma dp-2..

Jo Serwey said...

dp2 is reptty good but it's similar to my G9(it's just slimmer & prettier haha) and the specs are not as much as EP1.
plus.. no external lens~~~~

I don't really like using flash..but of cuz.. i huv to get the mini external flash lo...

Franky said...

It's not even out yet jojo... gotta wait for the reviewers to examine it properly

Jo Serwey said...

yea i know.
i read it already :)
but there's tons of leaked news around.