Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dinner @ 1907, Queen St, Perth

I always wanted to try 1907. A very nice and beautiful restaurant in Queen St, Perth.
Finally, I got to try it today because of Frances. She made the reservation for 3 of us, just to have a nice meal and have a relaxing night together, how nice...

I took some lousy photos of the dinner using my handphone. I did bring my camera.. but stupidly enough, I forgot to put my SD card back into my camera after transferring.. thats why I have to use my handphone. Forgive me if u can't see anything.. it was abit too dark.. I have already tried my best to make it brighter in photoshop.

Anyway..Let me tell you about 1907.
1907 is a restaurant and bar housed in a 100 year old rag trade factory.
They have the most enthusiastic team of hospitality professionals.
1907 has always been well known for thier well made cocktails.

My cocktail tonight, a Chi Chi, was no exception.

On the house: Nice yummy soft bread with olive oil, butter, sea salt, capers and olives.

On the house: Potato and Leek Soup garnish with a sprig of parsley

Joe and Frances had 2006 Trevor Jones Vintage "Dry Grown" Shiraz
Look at the decanter~~ pretty hor~

For Entrees,
Frances had Seared scallops, pork & crab relish, tamarind, green chilli

Joe had the Wild mushroom ravioli, mushroom tea, manjimup truffle oil

I had Marron & mussels, lime leaf, palm sugar, coconut broth
Entree rating: Excellent :)

As for the mains, it was just ... just.. no words to describe.. way beyond excellent.

Frances had the Seared duck breast, caramalised carrot & crepe salad, kaffir lime leaf,
spiced orange sauce.

I had the Pork Rack with Leeks and prunes.
This is the most tender-juicy-melt-in-your mouth Pork that I've ever eaten in my life.
Must try!

Joe had the 300 day grain fed black angus beef fillet, mushrooms on toast,
green peppercorns.

Time for Dessert.

Frances and Joe had the Dark chocolate ice-cream terrine, sour cherries

and brie de nangis – ÎLe-De-France, France
cows milk- which is the typical french brie with a velvet rind

I had Pistachio nut baklava, saffron ice-cream, rose fairy floss.
But I exchanged it with Joe after one bite, as I don't really like the cinnamon taste in it.
Joe and Frances said it's nice.

Last one, On the house. the Petit fours with the soft apple.
I don't know what they do with the apple, but it tasted amazing. I love it.

Overall, I love the place. Excellent and attentive service, excellent food, nice atmosphere.
Maybe the only one thing they should be really take note of is to put a sign board with arrows pointing to the 1907 bar and the other to the restaurant at the entrance. Why? It is because we were there for maybe two and half hours and there were at least 15-20 times people came in to the restaurant and thought it was the 1907 bar. The waiter was very nice and told all of them politely that the bar was actually downstairs for nearly 20 times, in 2 hours! How did he do it??
If it was me, I would probably go crazy and started yelling at them. ^_^

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Anonymous said...

Consider yourself lucky that your meal only took two hours.

When I went there they took over five hours for the degustation. And then they gave us a bill for over a hundred dollars for water (it was only San Pellegrino, nothing fancy).

Fucking arrogant wankers think they're in New York or something.

NEVER again.

Jo Serwey said...

oh noooooo.. 5 hours?!!?? that is too long!!! but is the food good?
yea.. I once went to Jacksons and had some "expensive" water too.. 1 bottle cost 10 bucks. I was shocked to see it in the bill. I just can't believe restaurants can charge water in such a price.