Monday, June 29, 2009

Photo Shoot in Green's & Co, Leederville

I woke up early in the morning at 7am happy and excited yesterday.
Because it's my first photo shoot in my life! I'm not the main photographer, but I'm the photographer behind the scenes.

Getting ready everything including Frances's baby Canon DSLR. (Glad that I use that instead of my G9, or else I won't be able to get such nice effects!)

This is Christine. The sweet Photographer that allow me to experience the whole thing.
After watching her work, I have to say I admire this girl's work ethnic and enthusiastic character. I am really happy for her as well, she found her dream job as a Professional Photographer. I think she will be a well known photographer real soon!

This is the Make up artist, the Hair stylist and the Beautiful Model.
They are really creative and professional. I'm really Impress with their work.

He is the Overall Stylist that work together with Christine.
He is a very talented fashionista. He can just grab anything that he saw and put it up on the model and look excellent! He is gooooood. I wish I can bring him home and dress me up haha!

After the photo shooting session, I realise it is not easy to be a photographer. A photographer is not just have to be good on taking photos but must know lots of people, lots of contacts, have really good taste on something, good personality, patients and artistic mind!

Compare to myself.. I am no way or maybe it's just impossible to be like her!
First of all, I got no patient. I will just go crazy if somebody mumbling at me or distracting me while I know what I'm doing. Scondly, I'm too bloody QUIET. (Yea, I got Gold in my mouth)

Photoshoot is fun. I love it. It makes things pretty and I'm happy.

Don't you agree?
I think.. I'm in love with Frances's DSLR.. haha.. soli Frances~
But I have to agree that SLR camera is way too heavy and bulky. I actually feel the pain on my palm after 2 hours of photo taking. This is insane!

The whole TEAM.

Lastly, I have to say thanks to Christine again for letting me experience the fun of taking photos, I really enjoyed it. I hope I didn't get in your way. I tried not to :P
I hope I will continue my love for photography til I'm old.

If you are interested at Christine's work. Please Visit her Facebook at Christine K Photography. Lots of awesome work in there.
She does studio and outdoor photographs for anyone that loves photos to be taken professionally and beautifully. Her charges is really affordable and reasonable too!

Happy Snappin~

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dinner @ 1907, Queen St, Perth

I always wanted to try 1907. A very nice and beautiful restaurant in Queen St, Perth.
Finally, I got to try it today because of Frances. She made the reservation for 3 of us, just to have a nice meal and have a relaxing night together, how nice...

I took some lousy photos of the dinner using my handphone. I did bring my camera.. but stupidly enough, I forgot to put my SD card back into my camera after transferring.. thats why I have to use my handphone. Forgive me if u can't see anything.. it was abit too dark.. I have already tried my best to make it brighter in photoshop.

Anyway..Let me tell you about 1907.
1907 is a restaurant and bar housed in a 100 year old rag trade factory.
They have the most enthusiastic team of hospitality professionals.
1907 has always been well known for thier well made cocktails.

My cocktail tonight, a Chi Chi, was no exception.

On the house: Nice yummy soft bread with olive oil, butter, sea salt, capers and olives.

On the house: Potato and Leek Soup garnish with a sprig of parsley

Joe and Frances had 2006 Trevor Jones Vintage "Dry Grown" Shiraz
Look at the decanter~~ pretty hor~

For Entrees,
Frances had Seared scallops, pork & crab relish, tamarind, green chilli

Joe had the Wild mushroom ravioli, mushroom tea, manjimup truffle oil

I had Marron & mussels, lime leaf, palm sugar, coconut broth
Entree rating: Excellent :)

As for the mains, it was just ... just.. no words to describe.. way beyond excellent.

Frances had the Seared duck breast, caramalised carrot & crepe salad, kaffir lime leaf,
spiced orange sauce.

I had the Pork Rack with Leeks and prunes.
This is the most tender-juicy-melt-in-your mouth Pork that I've ever eaten in my life.
Must try!

Joe had the 300 day grain fed black angus beef fillet, mushrooms on toast,
green peppercorns.

Time for Dessert.

Frances and Joe had the Dark chocolate ice-cream terrine, sour cherries

and brie de nangis – ÎLe-De-France, France
cows milk- which is the typical french brie with a velvet rind

I had Pistachio nut baklava, saffron ice-cream, rose fairy floss.
But I exchanged it with Joe after one bite, as I don't really like the cinnamon taste in it.
Joe and Frances said it's nice.

Last one, On the house. the Petit fours with the soft apple.
I don't know what they do with the apple, but it tasted amazing. I love it.

Overall, I love the place. Excellent and attentive service, excellent food, nice atmosphere.
Maybe the only one thing they should be really take note of is to put a sign board with arrows pointing to the 1907 bar and the other to the restaurant at the entrance. Why? It is because we were there for maybe two and half hours and there were at least 15-20 times people came in to the restaurant and thought it was the 1907 bar. The waiter was very nice and told all of them politely that the bar was actually downstairs for nearly 20 times, in 2 hours! How did he do it??
If it was me, I would probably go crazy and started yelling at them. ^_^

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All things Original

Found this site while I was surfing around for rare designer's stuff.
All Thing Original is from UK.
Have a look at their site. They got many different sellers too.

I love all those pretty accessories, bags, jewelleries and etc. They are just so beautiful and rare.
I saw a couple of those in northbridge's shop but it's quite expensive.
Maybe 1 day when I'm rich, I will buy them or maybe sell it online in an affordable price for everyone! wishful thinking :P

This one of my favourite... cool rite?

it's been weeks

Sunday, June 21, 2009


First attempt 2007 - Taste like water
Second attempt 2008 - Taste like water still.....
Third attempt 2008 - Too sweet
Fourth attempt 2009 - Taste like Dog
Fifth attempt 2009 - Taste better

I wonder when I can make it taste like a GOOD SOUP like my mom's?!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


E-P1 is the smallest SLR camera in the market at the moment.

It's so small, so retro and I'm SO TEMPTED to buy.. :)

A wide LCD screen

Different kinds of lenses

It's Olympus.
Somehow, people (even myself) don't really like using Olympus, because of the quality, speed and even the specs.
But.. this one catches my attention.
Do you know anything about it? Pros and Cons maybe? I read about it and gowd.. that is alot of effort! Anybody knows a camera specs human language?

I know this is definitely suitable for everybody. Take good quality photos like the SLRs and as small as the normal digital camera.
Awesome + awesome = E-P1

Sell my G9 and get E-P1? should I? should i? Should I??? hehe

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Duck King Restaurant, Malaysia

I never know Crab meat roll is such a DEEP FRIEND with prawns....

I love it! ^_^

My sister ended up correcting spelling in their menu while I was eating.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I got to know this song while I was in a Korean Boutique with my sister in Damansara.

It stuck in my head! Lolli lolli lollipop~~ lolli lolli pop pop!


Just chill.....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dinner @ Home

While I'm in Japanese class, Joe was at home cooking nice dinner for us.

Crispy Roast Pork

Salmon Caesar Salad

Scramble eggs with salmon

A huge meal. I bento it for my lunch tomorrow too~Yum

Full House, Damansara

I begged my sister to bring me to Fullhouse while I was in Malaysia.

I was eager to go to Fullhouse because of the interior design of the cafe.
The concept of the cafe was taken from Korea. In Korea, many of the cafes are usually designed around a particular motif ( eg. Garden )

In this case, Fullhouse was designed like a home. It had a bedroom, a bath tub, dining table and living room.
From what I hear, this cafe is gaining popularity in Malaysia.
It was full house when I arrived.

It was so hard for me to take a nice photo of this place because verybody was busy posing and taking pictures of themselves. But I manage to capture some pictures without anybody in it.:)

Fullhouse is a cafe that sells clothes, accessories, gifts and decorative items.
They provides event management service too! How I wish I can have a party there.

This is Fullhouse's menu. Comic style. Very appealing.
Wanted to take the menu home, but of course, I can't :(

Fullhouse's waiters and waitresses greets in Korean language. Anyeong Haseyo~
Plays Korean pop songs. It makes me miss Korea.

My sister and I had some petit four. It was good.
Not very sweet and just nice. I love it.

and we had a refreshing Ice blended Calamansi + Grape topped with Green Apple Jelly.

Go to their website and have a look. It's really cute!

I want this set in my new house! hehe..