Tuesday, May 12, 2009


March 8th, 2009

Let's grow old together

I walked past the park today.

The sky, splayed with oranges and red, was clear.

The air; Cool, crisp. Alive.

The sandbox still stood in the midst of it all, the rust of the swings echoing in the air as the breeze brush by.

I saw us.

We walked circles around the park, taking breathers by the pond. We jumped on the monkey bars - starting them, but never completing them. We sat on the swings; I flew as high as I could and you rocked gently beside me. Eventually I would slow down beside you and we would draw circles in the sand with our toes.

It's been 2 years.


Walk past the baking aisle at IGA.

Lots of boxes of ready mixed flour for cakes and cupcakes.

It reminded me of us.

Choosing a cupcake recipe in the middle of the night, rushed to IGA to buy ingredient just right before they are closed. We tried our best to follow the instructions and carefully. Every drop, every pieces, never missed. You would do the measurement and I do the mixing. We took photos of our silly faces with the cupcake, happily and excitedly.

It's been 2 years.

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