Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pussycat Dolls and Lady Gaga Concert @ Burswood Dome

A and I went to Pussycat Dolls Concert yesterday and it was crowded!
We bought the "standing" tickets. Which means we got to stand the whole night and get to dance around :)

I have to say...Lady Gaga performance is awesome but weird at the same time.
Her clothing, very nice and bold but I can feel it's not comfortable at all.
Somehow, she still can dance and run around with it. Awesome.
Plus, one leg up on the piano while playing it, lagi awesome.

After Lady Gaga's performance, we had about 15mins intervals while waiting PCD to perform.
So we walk around and get better spot and we found this.....

Kid lying on the floor sleeping! Gosh people.. you don't bring children to concerts man!

PCD performance was not as good as Lady Gaga I suppose. The person who controls the sound systems is not doing a good job. PCD's voice turn out high pitch and really loud til I don't know what they are talking about. But it was still a great show.

I love their backdrop design especially. Very nice.
After the concert, we were hanging around a bit in the dome so that we don't have to squeeze with people to get out of the concert and I found the lousy guy who controls the system.

him..... >: (

and I found the Perth's PCD.. they look like SCD more like it... if you know what i mean.. hehe

Overall, we enjoyed the concert. It was a fun night :)

Here, I have uploaded 3 videos from the concert. Have a look :)

She is the hot DJ that plays before the concert. Her body is soooooo freaking nice.

I want that body :P

Guess what? Star trek was there in the concert too! *joking

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