Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lunch @ Red Teapot, Northbridge

After dance today, Frances, Eileen and I went to have lunch at the Red Teapot.

It's our first time to dine in there. Eileen and I went there at about 12.30pm,Frances was shopping for groceries at that time it was quiet, empty and we saw a lil boy sitting there at the corner playing his PSP.
Eileen and I don't know what to do. Should we leave? Should we sit? I even say "Hello.......? Anybody...?" Like those in the horror movies -_-"

We sat down, looking all round the shop and looked at the lil boy.
We asked him, "Is there anybody in here...?"
He rolled around the leather seat with a shy look answered softly..."yes...."
Then Eileen and I both look at each other.. erm.. should we do something?
Eileen asked the lil boy to inform somebody in the kitchen that there's customer. The boy went in and told a man behind in the kitchen. They were speaking in Cantonese and that's what I heard....
Lil boy: There are customer outside..
D Man: Har? Don't worry! Don't need to bother! Just go out and play.
Lil boy: .....
D Man: Go go! Don't worry bout them! Let them seat there, go!

What the hell!? I know it's a small family run restaurant, but at least come out and give us the menu... We are not angry at all but amused haha. So we sat there, looking at the Take-away menu. Yea.. we are dining there. Choosing what we want.

Frances came in and look at us, looking at the small empty place. I think she was shocked looking at that place :P
Anyway, after sitting there for another 5 minutes, a guy came out and gave us the proper menu. So, we looked at the menu again... and waited probably 10mins before we could order anything. Such an interesting place! Don't you think? :P

Kay, below were what we ordered.

I had the Iced Hong kong Sweetened Milk Tea.

Entree: Crabmeat & Prawn spring roll

Chilli Salt Quail

My main: Hokkien Mee
It's quite good, but it's not the KL standard. I miss Malaysia's hokkien mee... :(

Leen's Tofu & Mince Chicken Rice claypot
Obviously leen was shocked. The dish looks like a Tofu and rice "metalpot" more like it.
She's not satisfied with her "vegetarian" metalpot. She's a carnivor. :) Oh well, leen... DETOX.

Frances's Seafood & curry Fried Rice
It tasted quite good.. but.. where is the curry taste....? hmm......

This is the lil boy that i mentioned just now. The lil boy next to him is not his friend. He came with his family to have lunch there and maybe he was bored sitting there. So he sat next to the chinese lil boy and started playing the PSP together. How cute. ^_^

We had quite a good lunch I think. Doing something unexpected and randomly is fun!
Overall it was good for $20pp.
It was a bit like a homecooked food.
While we were having our food, the place filled up with people.
Looks like a popular place for the regulars.
Go and try their Prosperity fragrant Chicken. Heard it is quite good.


ching∞ said...

the hokkien mee and the tofu looked so.. terrible! :p
i strongly suggest u start having a must-makan list before you come back! ;)

Jo Serwey said...

hahahaha. already got it in facebook :)

no choice la je.. this is perth is hard!

tea cozy said...

First time poster here at your blog --- please keep it up! I'm enjoying the reads.