Friday, May 1, 2009

Lunch @ The Prophet, Vic Park

My colleagues and I decided to try the popular Lebanese food in Vic Park, The Prophet.

It was a small shop, probably fit about 8 or 9 tables in the shop and a couple outside.
It was quite busy for lunch time. I was excited to try Lebanese food. Even Christine saw it although I didn't say it out. :P

Deco was simple and clean. Quite a home-y feeling place.
People there were friendly and prompt. They somehow look very happy working there.
Or isit just me feeling happy? hmm...

They gave us free entry. A few pieces of pita bread and a tiny cup of Garlic-y dip for everyone.
I love this. It tasted like garlic bread. I think I ate like 5 pieces of these while everyone just had 2! Ops! o_o

Brooke's lunch, Ladies finger.

Judy's lunch. I forgot what its called. It's crumbed mince lamb meat with hummus dip.
Brooke said it looks like camel's poo! 0_0
Hey.. it's a yummy camel poo at least :)

Christine and Tony had Shish kebab. It was yum!

and for myself, I ordered Kafta. Pretty good but a little bit salty. I like it.

After a big meal.. what should we have hey...

We got 5 different kind of dessert, chop it up and share.
We for the Baklava, Turkish delight, Maymool, Kayek, Harisei.
I don't know what I'm talking about, but I think that's the name of the dessert above.

Overall, I like The Prophet. It was good, something different and I will definitely go back there and try their famous dish. Felafel and Deep fried cauliflower.

I have to thank Christine's father. After he was told by Christine that we were going there for lunch, her father actually called The Prophet (he knew the owner) and he paid for all the meal that we had! Tony refers him as the Vic Park's Godfather. hahaha.. how funny.
Christine's Dad, You ROCKz!

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Franky said...

always wanted to try that food... have passed by it so many times.

Jo Serwey said...

yea we shud go there 1 day. it's good.