Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lunch @ Ninniku Jip, Vic Park

Last Friday, my workmates and I went to Ninniku Jip.
Ninniku Jip is a Korean & Japanese (more to Korean) restaurant located at Albany Hwy, Vic Park.

Judy was on a HIGH mode that day. She ordered warm sake for us to share.
Us, I mean me and Judy. Apparently sake taste like Vegemite to Christine and Brooke.
I have no idea what it taste like.

I only know sake made me LAZY the whole afternoon til evening!

We had the Tempura Chicken Pops which I think they just uses the packet of frozen chicken balls from asian grocery shop, coat it with flour, fry it and drizzle with Japanese bbq sauce and Japanese mayo.
Maybe I should try making it at home :) I got swine balls and beef balls~

Mains, Judy treated herself really well.

A sizzling seafood dish with some sides, soup and rice.

Christine had the Fried Kuey Teow.
I know this is not Korean nor Japanese, but somehow it was in the menu.

Brooke had the Garlic Chicken Bulgogi.
Oh I love Bulgogi~!

and that's mine. The Chilli squid bulgogi. Yum~~~
Surprisingly enough that none of them actually like the Kimchi.
I'm starting to wonder.. am I a bin that eats everything..... 0_0"
Oh no! I don't eat Bitter gourd. Medicine. Liver...
I can only think of those at the moment... o_O

Anyway, we had a beautiful dessert.
No, I'm serious. It's beautiful dessert.

How nice is that! XD

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