Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Frances's 27th Birthday

I am suppose to blog about this last week, but because I didn't know how to spell the name of the restaurant, I had to postpone it til today.

It was Da Brunos. Hopefully it is correct.
It is located on a busy street at Inglewood. When you drive pass this place, you would never have guess this place with high wall old house is a fine dining restaurant.

Da Brunos does not have a website and only opens 4 days a week for dinner.
Menu? On the Chalkboard and it changes every few weeks.

The atmosphere was cozy, relax and romantic. Settings and lighting was excellent.
This is a good place to have a glass of nice wine accompany with family or maybe a few close friends.

Frances's friend highly recommended this place to her.
We were lucky that we got a table as we were on the waiting list.

This was the menu that night.
It was hard to decide what to order when we looked at the menu. It was in Italiano!
The waiter had to explain to us dish by dish slowly. Lucky enough, it was only 12 dishes on the board.

After ordering, we gave Frances a watch from her favourite brand Tokidoki.
She was very happy receiving a Tokidoki watch. We knew that because she was randomly saying TOKIDOKI! tokidoki! TokiDOki! the whole night :)
We were all as happy as her that night. We were all happy because it was her birthday, we were all happy celebrating her birthday and we were all happy because she was happy.




Stop playing with your Canon EOS. Study!

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