Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dinner @ Zapata, Northbridge

Joe, Frances and I had randomly picked a restaurant for dinner today at Northbridge.
It was Zapata the mexican restaurant.

We never try this place before, so we weren't sure what to have.
But we manage to order something nice anyway :)

Coke Spider. The amount of coke is surprisingly little.

Frances's Medium Hot Nachos.
It is very hot. x_x

Chilli Con Carne and a Beef Taco served with rice

My Mostaza Pollo (Chicken + Mustard)
Tender Chicken Breast cooked to perfection covered with creamy mustard sauce.

Mexican Beer.

The food was not bad, probably I'm not a fan of Mexican food, so I'm not really sure on judging the flavor of the food they served.
But I'm sure I will need to do extra exercise now.. >_<" Zapata's on Urbanspoon


Anonymous said...

last time i went, we waited about 1.5hr for our food, the beef was dry, the chicken was dry and all the food was quite bland.

Shaun said...

I'm surprised by the negative comments about this place. Service could be better but we got generous servings and our meals were enjoyable. I haven't eaten at a Mexican restaurant before but I enjoyed my night out at Zapata's.