Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dinner @ Austin's Kopitiam, Mt Hawthorn

Wanting to go to Austin's Kopitiam since last year but didn't have the chance to go because is out of the way. But I get to go there today to try out the dishes.
It's a tiny restaurant with only about 10 tables. Not busy at all.
It's good in a way because I don't have to wait, but it's bad because it's quiet.. is the food here very bad..? Human are complicated :P

Anyway, Joe and I sat down. Look around the restaurant. Not impressed at all. Dark Green Leather seats with red colour wall.

Then we look at the menu, we found a few dishes with interesting names which makes us wanna try but afraid it will be not good.

At the end, we ordered the weird ones anyway :P Just to try our luck hehe

Mermaid Tresses (Don't ask me why)
Deep fried Kailan with mince chicken and top with icing sugar.
This is my first time having it and I like it! It was something different for me. the Kailan is fried til crispy like the packet seaweed, then they stir fry it with the mince chicken. It tasted good surprisingly.

Shan-Tung Crispy Skin Chicken
Deep Fried Chicken with pickles, peanuts, chilli, garlic and some special sauce.
It's yum.. trust me. It's a bit like Fat Shan Kai, but a lil more flavour added to it. ;)

Steam rice for 2.

Zhen Jiang Pork Chop
It's tasted abit like my mom's famous dish Pai Kuat, but this one it has ginger in it and maybe plum sauce I suspect. So.. yea, not bad.

Then we had Sago pudding in coconut, palm sugar and some toasted sesame seeds.

Overall, although it was abit dissapointing at first, but the food and price wins everything. Surprisingly cheap and very generous.
I am definitely going back but maybe not so soon.. it's a bit far :P
and you know what.. Austin's Kopitiam doesn't sell Kopi.

If anyone of you are interested, here are the details of the restaurant.
167 Scarborough Beach Rd, Mt Hawthorn.
9242 1688
Open from 5.30pm-10pm Mon-Sat for dinner.
11.30-2.30pm Mon-Fri for lunch.
Closed on Sunday and public holiday.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hippo Girl,

Austin Kopitiam is closed. The new shop is called Cultural Tastes.

Jo Serwey said...

Thanks for letting me know :)