Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dinner @ Alan's house

Yesterday Alan, Joe & Nathan went to Lancelin for fishing.
Unfortunately they didn't manage to catch any fishes but caught some squid instead.
While on the way back, Alan bought some lobsters for 70 bucks which I think it is quite a good deal.

Master Chef Alan invited Joe and I to have Lobster meal at his place. ;)

He prepare a lot of food for all of us.
2 Squid dishes, 1 fried silver fish (ikan bilis), shark fin soup, baked lobster and lobster yee mee.

Hong Kong Style Shark fin soup

Lobster Yee Mee

Cheese baked Lobster

We were all so full after that! 0_0 Yum!

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Franky said...

While you were having this I had Lean Cuisine Red Chicken Curry Rice. ... : (