Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hair Cut day

I had my hair cut today.

You must be wondering why I wanna blog about my hair cut.. Well, it is quite special to me because I got it cut at somebody else's house and had to pick the hairdresser up too before getting my hair cut! :P

Well, it is actually like this. Alice and I wanted to get a hair cut. But we both are so broke, we couldn't afford to go to hair saloon. So, Alice suggested to me that she got a Japanese friend, who is a hairdresser in Japan, can cut our hair in a reasonable price. So of course, I want a "Japanese" hair cut, so I say YES!

The only thing is, we had to pick her up from the Northbridge, and bring her to Alice's house, and have the hair cut there.

I have to say, this is a very interesting experience to me haha..
I never have my hair cut so casually before! She's just take out that piece of cover or sheet (whatever it is) put on her scissors belt, and cut!

I have to say she is quite good (6 years of experience in hairdressing)
I am very happy with the result.

Nothing much.. just trim, layered and some tips :P
My hair now is less frizzy and it is lighter! ^_^
Thanks Sayaka.

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ching∞ said...

u definitely look fresher now!