Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fishing Day

Joe brought Donald and I went fishing at 430am today at East Frementle.
That place was pretty quiet and very nice. (won't tell you where.. that's our secret spot :P)

It was still dark when we got there. Joe was fully geared for fishing and fishing away~
I on the other hand, can't see anything properly, decided to just sit back and enjoy the scenery of the sunrise.

After sitting there on the rocks for about 40 minutes.. my butt started to scream. It was so uncomfortable and painful to sit on the rocks! (you will see where we fish in the photo later)
So I decided to fish. Tie the hook, hook on the bait and throw the line!

Three us of started fishing and we got quite a few good fishes!
Donald caught 1 bream and the rest were blowies.

I caught 1 bream and 2 tailors. Quite lucky hey!
(The bream was too small, so I let it go)

Joe caught TONS of blowies!
He didn't catch any fishes today, I think it's because he was helping me and Donald on the rod and unhooked the fishes. But come to think of it, he caught so many fishes last time, so i guess it's okay hehe.

After a few hours of catching nothing, we decided to go home and rest.
We drove home about 8.30am while everybody else is going to work. hehe

It was an exciting day for me. Probably the most fun fishing trip I've ever had because I learnt alot about fishing from Joe from tying hooks to cleaning the fish. (Normally I'm just throwing the fishing line in the river without knowing anything about fishing.)

I left the Sandman (somehow it looks like octopus now) there to scare the blowies away and calling in more edible fishes hehehe..

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