Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A day with Alice

I met up with Alice today for lunch and buying ingredient to make Tokoyaki and Strawberry red bean mochi.

I was impressed of what we'd done! Look at this Strawberry red bean mochi!
It's so beautiful and yummy! We make only 4 pieces because we were afraid we might fail to make it. But it turns out good!

After making the mochi, we prepare to make Takoyaki using the Takoyaki machine that Alice bought. She got one for herself and one for me on my birthday.
(Unfortunately, the machine needs a transformer that cost about 350 dollar in order to get it working. As the power from Japan is different from Australia. But she got a 2nd hand transformer that her friend thought it might work, she thought maybe she can give it a go)

We got Octopus, spring onions, cabbage and the batter mix for the Takoyaki.

After preparing all that, we found out that the takoyaki machine is not functioning because the transformer is not suitable for it and blew the wiring of the machine. We were abit dissapointed but we came up with a brilliant idea...

We dismantled the plate and the bottom bit with the wiring apart then put it onto the stove. :P
and it worked! This was our first time making Takoyaki and it turns out really good!

yum... I shall dismantle my takoyaki machine too.. heeheheh.. don't bother bout buying the 350 bucks of transformer.

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ching∞ said...

wow both looks DELICIOUS! *slurp slurp*